I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

it’s funny what you see when you go out to post a letter


I had a letter* to post on Friday and decided to walk to the post box which is not far away from our house by a parade of local shops (coffee shop,  greengrocer, small supermarket, pharmacy, hairdresser etc).  As I was waiting to cross the road to post the letter a fire engine came along the road towards me, slowing down as it approached.  I looked round to see what could be the problem, but saw nothing.  The fire engine pulled up right in front of me and out jumped a fireman and ran across the road.  Must be a problem at one of the shops, I thought.  But no, he was running over to post a letter! It was the unexpectedness of it that amused me.  Firemen are supposed to leap out of their engines to go and tackle blazing buildings, or rescue small boy’s heads which have become stuck in railings, not post letters.


Horses_trailer_window_2 (Photo credit: eXtensionHorses)

It reminded of another amusing sight at the same place a while ago.  The shops are on one corner of a roundabout and a hundred yards down the road on the opposite side of the roundabout is a veterinary practice.  It’s quite a large practice and there are people coming and going all day with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc but it also serves local farms and has an equine department.  The vets travel to the farms and to the horse stables, but on this particular day there was one of those huge horse box things that looks like a bus parked just off the roundabout, opposite the vets, and horses were being led out down the ramp at the back and across the road into the vets.   How on earth were they all going to fit into the waiting room? I just can’t imagine what the situation could be where the horses had to come to the vet rather than the other way around.  I wish I’d had my camera with me.

*which is hopefully the final part of a l-o-n-g saga in which I am having to re-register to work as a supply teacher despite having worked as one for years and years and years.  When I have the energy I might write a post about it


6 thoughts on “it’s funny what you see when you go out to post a letter

  1. It’s funny to think of firemen having ordinary lives 🙂

  2. This reminds me of the time I went to visit a friend and was alarmed to see a police car parked in her drive. I was worried about what might have happened, a burglary perhaps, an accident or something to do with her children. I had forgotten entirely that her husband is a police officer. This was a rare occasion when he’d had to bring the ‘company car’ home.

  3. I spotted that you are a supply teacher. Mrs Sensible is a full time teacher in Italy. But the system over here is bonkers. She doesn’t yet have a full time contract, despite the fact she worked for the “state” for the past 6 years. Each June or July she is fired and in September she is rehired, not necessarily at the same school. This saves the school paying holiday pay through the summer. Oooo I can feel a post coming on, not sure how to turn a rant into something humorous yet.

    Bye the way I like your blogs, and sorry for the rant on your page ..

    • I’m sorry that Mrs Sensible is having problems too, but it is reassuring to know that it’s not just me! When I feel strong enough, I might write a post about the stupid hoop-jumping that I had to do, just to continue doing the job I already do.
      Thank you for your kind words about my blog – and feel free to have a rant on my page…

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