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update on the bus trip to Glasgow which left me feeling rather cross


After my exasperating bus journey to Glasgow (which I wrote about here) I sent a polite, but fairly strongly worded, email to First Group Glasgow explaining what had happened and why I was so annoyed and asked for their comments.  They sent an automatic reply saying ‘Thank you for contacting us.  One of our Customer Care Team will respond to you soon.’

A week later, when no-one had contacted me, I emailed again and asked when I might receive a reply (wouldn’t you think that ‘soon’ meant in a few days?).  A day or two later I got a reply from a real person this time, not an automated one: a real person who was clearly wearing his ‘I think I’m an important person here at First Group Glasgow’ hat and helpfully gave me the link to the Customer Charter on their website which says that they aim to respond within 14 days of receipt of the feedback from the customer.

Fifteen days after my original email, I received a letter from them.  It explained that they had been using the ‘Exact Fare – No Change Given’ policy for thirty years now.  It also pointed out that if customers board without the correct change and as a result pay more than is required, they are always willing to refund the difference if ‘the relevant details of the transaction have been provided’.  The letter then went on to thank me for my information, which allowed them to inspect the vehicle I travelled on and discover the lack of relevant signage indicating their policy (hadn’t I just told them that??).

English: Glasgow City Chambers, George Square,...

Glasgow City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was assured that corrective action would be taken.  The letter then burbled on a bit about me accepting their apologies and hoping I would have no further cause for complaint etc etc.  Well, actually I did have further cause for complaint – my overpayment was not refunded!  I dashed off another email to First Group.  The reply came back saying that it was not normal procedure to refund money without a driver’s report however, given the circumstances of my complaint (the fact that I was persistent perhaps?), they would make an exception in this case and send me my 80p.  Hurrah!

I decided not to claim the 80p and asked them to donate it, and the cost of the postage, to charity, but I was pleased to have made my point.  I’ll be checking the bus carefully for the ‘relevant signage‘ next time I am in Glasgow!  🙂


6 thoughts on “update on the bus trip to Glasgow which left me feeling rather cross

  1. Good for you! It’s the principle, isn’t it?

  2. If your action helps the next person it was worth the effort.

  3. They do the correct change only thing on Nottingham buses as well, but only the Nottingham City Transport ones. South Notts buses will give you change (or at least they did when I was last there – it’s been about 7 years though!). Highly confusing… but they do have signs. I would have been annoyed too if I had to pay correct change only with no sign to tell me that! Well done you for making your point.

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