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…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – more christmas preparations



Okay, maybe I am being a little optimistic when I say that all the shopping is done, but at least all the present shopping is finished – just the food to think about now.  I  got my recipe books out yesterday and I’ve been looking through them trying to decide what to make for pudding on Christmas Day.  We are not fans of Christmas pudding, so that will not be featuring, but I always like to make something special.  Pavlova is a tradition in our family now, so I will definitely be making that, but I want to make something else too.  At the moment I am torn between:

  •  Girdlebuster Pie (which is worth making for the name alone!) – A crushed digestive/chocolate biscuit base, coffee ice cream filling and a butterscotch caramel topping.
  • Ice Cream Cake – vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and crushed honeycomb mixed through it.
  • or Strawberry Ginger Pudding – crushed ginger biscuits, mascarpone cheese, natural yoghurt and strawberries

What would your choice be?

The answer to yesterday’s question is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (also known as A Visit from St Nicholas) and is generally attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, although it was first published anonymously in 1823 .

Cover of a 1912 edition of the poem, illustrat...

Cover of a 1912 edition of the poem, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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22 thoughts on “six word saturday – more christmas preparations

  1. I love the night before Christmas…it is a fabulous story.

  2. The ice cream cake—yum!

  3. Our traditional Christmas day pud is a sherry trifle and a melt in the middle steamed chocolate pud with choc fudge sauce. Girdlebusting indeed!

  4. The girdlebuster pie. It can bust my girdle anytime.

  5. Strawberry ginger pud please, and can I have the recipe? It doesn’t sound too difficult, Elaine? (not my strong suit, cooking) Actually we love Christmas pud but it would make a delicious backup.

  6. My vote is the Strawberry ginger pudding, though the rest of my immediate family would never eat it.

  7. Yeah you for getting the shopping all done!
    Just a few more days before Christmas break…a well deserved one too! 🙂

  8. My sister and I spent Friday evening working out our Christmas dinner menu. We always do a shared meal with our parents and everyone contributes. For desserts this year Mum is doing the pudding and Dad will make the custard. He is the best custard maker in the world. My sister is making pavlova and I am making a white chocolate cheesecake with berry coulis. If you’re looking for something different have a look at this http://www.cotemaison.fr/recettes-de-cuisine/dessert/glace-foret-noire-de-pierre-herme_16996.html?xtor=EPR-63-%5BCM_Gourmande%5D-20121215–178488949@223364926-20121215113222 I copied it into Google translate and I’m going to have a go at making it! I have a tree shaped cookie cutter that will do the job.

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