I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

well I’m still here then


I like these explanations for why we are all still here on December 21st 2012!

mayan calendar

I’m glad the world hasn’t ended because all my Christmas preparations would have been completely pointless!

Of course, I realise the day isn’t over yet, so it might still hap ………….


11 thoughts on “well I’m still here then

  1. Aah, but they didn’t say what time it’s supposed to end. It still could 😉

  2. I like this! 🙂 Apparently at 05h00 Mexican time, so we’ve still got about three hours!

  3. It’s supposed to be happening at 9.13 pm here. I must eat all the Christmas food before then so it doesn’t go to waste. I have nominated you for a Blog of the Year 2012 Award just in time! http://theeternaltraveller.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/thank-you-to-my-blogging-friends/

  4. I’ve heard it’s 11:11, but all over the world. There are that many 11:11s across the world, it would happen at any time. Or it already has! 😉
    Fun post, Elaine… I love your end

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  6. Ha! Your ending made me laugh out loud! Nice to “meet” you at Tom’s party. 🙂

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