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Christmas presents, Christmas past


I’m not sure what the ‘must have’ Christmas presents for children are this year – maybe something electronic – but I’m sure that whatever they are they will not last as long as these two presents I received as a child.

On Christmas Day we had a stocking from Santa Claus, which was originally an old sock of my dad’s but was replaced, when I was 9 or 10 I think, by a fancy (well, I thought so) stocking, just over 12 inches long.  Our aunt and uncle bought them for us from Woolworth’s (remember them?) and they had our names written on them in glitter on the white part – look closely and you can still see it.  Apart from a couple of Christmases, this stocking has been used every year since then, and will be hung up again this year in the hope that there will a few things put in it.  🙂

Christmas stocking

After our stockings we had one main present from our parents.  Just one.  Not, as seems to happen nowadays, a large pile of gifts.  So these presents were received on two separate Christmases – the Monopoly one year and Cluedo the next.  We still use these games – things were made, and meant, to last in the ‘olden’ days.  They are in excellent condition, with all the parts intact,  considering the number of times they have been played with.  The only thing missing is the instruction sheet for the Monopoly.

1960s Monopoly

1960s Cluedo

I also got Scrabble around the same time, but I think it might have been a birthday present, rather than Christmas.   The box is looking a little worse for wear but the wooden tiles and letter racks are still in excellent condition.

1960s Scrabble

I wonder how many of the presents children receive this year will still be in use decades later?


18 thoughts on “Christmas presents, Christmas past

  1. Not a lot, I expect. Things are made so cheaply these days.

    I still have teddies from my childhood and a jewellery box I received for my 11th birthday. It was a good quality from a jewellers. The ballerina got broken but she lives in the box.

  2. Good point! Oh yes – don’t you have Woolworths anymore>

  3. My stocking is still one of my Grandpa’s socks 😀 We’re not going to England this year though, so no sock for me.

    We got a lot of presents due to my parents being divorced. There was one main one from my mum plus stuff like socks and new pajamas that we needed anyway. Then it was off to my dad’s for “second Christmas” and more gifts. My grandparents gave us a lot because i´until I was 23 my sister and I were the only grandchildren on that side of the family and their theory was you’re not allowed to spoil your kids, but grandchildren a fair game. Yes, we were probably spoiled 😉 But not as much as my brother (just turned 6) who gets more toys EVERY year than he can possibly play with in his entire life!

  4. How lovely that you stil treasure your precious gifts. I have games that we played as children too and my children have enjoyed them in the past as well. Simple pleasures and not a digital object in sight!

  5. Nowadays, you can’t just have a Monopoly set. You have to have Manchester United Monopoly, the Monopoly of the city you live in, Star Wars Monopoly, etc etc. Life has got more complicated, somehow.

  6. Good heavens…we are behind the times here…as far as I know we only have the original Monopoly.
    Kids,nowadays, get an obscene number of presents…very few of them appreciated.

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