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ice cream cake recipe


There have been some requests for the Nigella Lawson recipe for the delicious ice cream cake I made for lunch on Boxing Day, so here it is.  It’s a great pudding to make ahead because it can just wait in the freezer until you are ready to use it.  The original recipe includes peanut butter morsels and honey roasted peanuts, but some members of the family are not keen on them so I substituted chocolate chips and added extra Crunchies.

(The measurements are metric I’m afraid)

Ice Cream Cake

1.5 litres vanilla ice cream

200g chocolate chips/morsels (I used dark, but it could be milk, or a mixture)

4 x 40g Crunchie bar, broken into shards and dusty rubble (this is a chocolate covered honeycomb bar)

150g Bourbon biscuits, broken up into crumbs and rubble


1.  Let the ice cream soften a little

2.  Line a 20cm springform tin with clingfilm, both in the bottom and up the sides of the tin so that you have some surplus at the top

3.  Empty the slightly softened ice cream into a bowl and mix in the chocolate chips, half of the crushed Crunchie bars and 100g of the Bourbon crumbs

4.  Put the resulting mixture into the springform tin, flattening the top like a cake, fold the excess clingfilm over the top and place in the freezer.

5.  Serve the cake straight from the freezer, unmoulding from the tin and pulling the clingfilm gently away before putting it on a plate or cake stand.

6. Before serving sprinkle the remaining Crunchie bars and biscuit crumbs on top.

7. Cut into slices and serve with a jug of hot chocolate sauce.

Hot Chocolate Sauce

75g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids

125ml double cream

2 teaspoons instant espresso powder dissolved in 30mls (2 tablespoons) hot water

1 tablespoon (15ml) golden syrup


1.  Break up the chocolate and put into a heavy-based saucepan

2.  Add the remaining ingredients, then place the pan over a gentle heat and melt everything together

3.  Once everything has melted, stir well, take off the heat and pour into a jug to serve.


11 thoughts on “ice cream cake recipe

  1. Oh, it’s a Nigella recipe. I love love love Nigella and I have all her books. One of my daughters has a passion for Crunchie bars. I will have to make it for her next time she is home. Are bourbon biscuits plain or flavoured? I don’t think we have them here but I could easily substitute.

  2. I am not even going to read the recipe…Like Tilly I will gain weight just reading it.

  3. That sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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