I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

this squirrel is driving me nuts


The day before these photos were taken, this squirrel (or maybe it was a different one – they are hard to tell apart!) managed to undo the peanut holder from its lid –  the whole lot dropped to the ground and he was able to have a feast.  Next day, he decided just to eat them in situ.  It’s amazing just how athletic these squirrels are, but I do get a bit fed up when they devour all the nuts/bird food that is intended for the birds!

The photos aren’t brilliant, as I couldn’t get too close and just had to use the zoom on my trusty point and shoot camera, but they capture the antics!

One mighty leap should do it, I think,

One mighty leap should do it, I think,

Now to run up the pole.

Oops, didn’t quite make it!

Quick breather at the top.

Quick breather at the top.

Just check that no-one's watching me.

Just check that no-one’s watching me.

Time to get started...

Time to get started…

Chomp. chomp, chomp.

Chomp. chomp, chomp.


6 thoughts on “this squirrel is driving me nuts

  1. I love squirrels! And I love these pics.

  2. It’s amazing the gymnastics they can perform to get at the nuts.

  3. I have been down this road. Invested in some squirrel-proof feeders. They weren’t squirrel proof. I have since neglected the wildlife. I was going to wash all the stuff and start again, but the cold snap never came to get my wee birdie sympathy going.
    Nice pics.

  4. You need to get a “squirrel guard” from the bird feeder store to put on the pole 🙂

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  6. GREAT pictures – made me laugh a lot!

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