I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

and now it’s time for a compliment, or…the case of the missing buttons


button collection: detail

Having a rant about something rather than being complimentary is a bit like frowning rather than smiling.  To frown requires many more muscles than smiling and so it takes a lot more effort.  Having a rant takes up much more energy, I’m sure, than commenting on something nice that’s happened.  Recently I’ve been having a few rants about customer service, no change being given on buses, apostrophes in the wrong place, Easter things on sale when Christmas has hardly finished and silly signs in garden centres.  I’m exhausted from all those irritations and annoyances.  There must be more, but that list is long enough to be embarrassing!  So to redress the balance a little, here is some praise for customer service.

In November I went to a charity Ball (where I won the Bruno Mars CD) and in honour of the occasion I had bought a new ‘posh frock’.  When I got it home from the store I noticed that one of the little buttons from the detailing down the back of the dress was damaged.  There were two spare buttons with the dress, but I didn’t really want to have to use one of them before I had even worn it, so decided to go back to the shop the next day and see if I could exchange the dress.  I had bought it in a John Lewis (other stores do exist, it’s just that I go there quite often!  🙂 ) in a different town because it was a larger branch than my local one, but decided just to go to my local one as the first port of call.  I went to the dress department and as I was looking on the rails for ‘my’ dress an assistant asked if she could help.  I explained the problem and she apologised for the fact that the store didn’t carry that particular style, but she could order one to be delivered next day, or she could refund me some money and she would arrange for some more buttons to be sent to me so that I could use one of my spare buttons and still have spares in case of future need.  I opted for the price reduction and replacement buttons – thinking to myself that there was a slim chance that the buttons would appear (based on previous experiences of similar promises in other stores).

I went home happily after a decent reduction in the price of the dress (it’s always good to get a bargain I think!) and replaced the damaged button with one of my spare ones.  I thought that would be the end of it.  The very next day, however, an envelope arrived from my local branch of John Lewis containing three replacement buttons and a note from the assistant hoping that I would enjoy the Ball!  I thought that was excellent customer service, and I’ve written to John Lewis to tell them.

It’s good to know that some establishments still know how to look after their customers.  🙂


9 thoughts on “and now it’s time for a compliment, or…the case of the missing buttons

  1. I think John Lewis is an exception to the rule. People who work at John Lewis are treated very well and they receive a bonus each year. In 2012 they received £152 million shared between 70 thousand staff.

    It makes for happy staff, and therefore they treat their customers better.

    It is a pity that there are not more companies like John Lewis… and when are they coming to ITALY.

    PS I hope you enjoyed your ball

  2. That’s brilliant. Pity there isn’t a branch near us.

  3. They could certainly teach something to Dutch retail companies (where good service is a small miracle, and happens about as often).
    Well done for going to see them and for writing to the company, I’m hope someone somewhere will get a little kudos because the customer is happy. Win win!

  4. We are always quick to write with a complaint, so I’m going to try and give praise, where it is due. For some reason I imagined Dutch service would be good?

    • Sigh, I wish… sadly it’s actually famous for being so bad. Sometimes you even try and get served and they ignore you! … …and forget complaints, they really don’t care less.

  5. Yay for John Lewis!
    If only they stocked gravy boats in colours other than white…

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