I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

owl babies


I made another excellent book discovery last week.  The day after reading that Aliens Love Underpants, I was teaching the same class again.  All tidied up and winding down before it was time to go home, I chose to read the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.  This is another book that I had seen on shelves many times, had heard many teachers say how great it was etc, but that I hadn’t ever read myself.  I think I had had a quick flick through it in the past, but that was all.  That’s the trouble with spending a lot of time teaching Juniors (age 7 – 11) – I’ve got a little out of touch with the books that younger children are enjoying.

It is a really lovely book.  The illustrations, by Patrick Benson, are fabulous and the story is simple and easily understood by young children, although full of tension before the happy ending.  Three baby owls wake up one night to find that their mother has gone.  They are worried about what has happened to her.  She returns safely.

I just loved the expressions, throughout the book, on the faces of the owl babies.  Little Bill, in particular, has a wide range of worried expressions.  He says ‘I want my Mummy’ quite a lot, which the children found amusing.

A completely different style of book from Aliens Love Underpants, but the children loved it just as much.


4 thoughts on “owl babies

  1. Awww, the owls are so cute!

  2. I bought this book as a Christmas gift for someone. It is a cute book.

  3. I love that book – used to read it to William all the time when he was little. I’m a bit ashamed to say that it often brought a tear to my eye, as well!

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