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six word saturday: at last, the snow



(I wrote this post on Friday)

All week our national news coverage has been about the snow that is going to hit the UK and cause chaos.  At long last it arrived in my area this morning just as children were heading for school and the rush hour traffic was at its peak – of course.

Normally I am thrilled at the prospect of snow, but this time I am a little less happy about it.  Tomorrow morning, early, we are heading for the airport to fly to Dallas, Texas for a week.  Mr I is attending a conference, to which spouses/partners are also welcome, and we are going a few days early so that we can see a bit of the area before he has meetings to go to and speakers to listen to.  While he’s doing that I hope to fit in some relaxation and shopping.  🙂

Those of you who are reading this in countries where heavy snow is part and parcel of every winter will no doubt be laughing about the fact that the UK can grind to a standstill with half an inch of snow on the ground, and that the news coverage is almost 24 hours a day from different corners of the country where we see the effects the snow is having.  The shelves in the supermarkets were half empty on Thursday when I went to pick up a couple of things I needed, so the panic buying must have started.  The roads will be gridlocked because they have not been gritted adequately (despite all the advance warning of the snow), trains will be cancelled because it is the ‘wrong type of snow’ or the drivers won’t have been able to get to work to drive the trains.  Flights will be delayed whilst the runways are cleared and planes de-iced.  Luckily it’s the weekend now but, if it hadn’t been, many schools would have been closed because the paths might not have been safe for the children to walk on… The list goes on.

I might be a bit quiet this week, apart from a few scheduled posts (fingers crossed), because I hope to be out and about being a tourist – assuming we get to Dallas of course – I might be blogging from Heathrow airport tomorrow!

Have a good weekend all.

snoopy snow shovel

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16 thoughts on “six word saturday: at last, the snow

  1. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I saw they cancelled a lot of Heathrow flights. I hope yours wasn’t one of them. Have a great time!

  3. 🙂 . Hi Elaine ~~ Enjoy Dallas. I am glad that you can come. We are a three hour drive on Highway Interstate 45. We are fifteen minutes (eight miles) west of the Interstate Willis Exit # 94.

    E-mail me and I’ll send you back our phone number. Especially if you decide to come to come to Houston we would like to meet with you and show you around to some of the things you want to see here.

    Houston here has more fun things to do but you will do okay up there. Dallas did have snow and ice last weekend but it is gone now. Dallas is not adequately prepared for snow either.

    It only snows once every ten years or so here in Houston and then not enough normally to cause problems.

    Bon voyage and Cheers,

    • Monday will be Martin Luther King Day, a state holiday. There may be a parade or two, we will have two here in Houston.

      Google him as you may not want to attend. We don’t go but do watch some and then the highlights on the tellie.

  4. Hope you get to Texas and enjoy some warmth!

  5. I know nothing about the havoc of snow other what I read in the news! Sounds quite disruptive! Hope it did not turn out too badly for you!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Bon Voyage & Welcome!

  8. Hope your journey goes well and you have a super week in Dallas.
    And everything you say about snow and the UK is oh so true!

  9. I am sure you will get to Dallas. I am also sure your hotel will have internet so make sure you take a computer with you if you can.

  10. We are still in drought conditions, but the temp is up & down!

  11. Have fun on your trip to Texas!
    Happy Saturday!

  12. You just never know if you’re going to be lucky with travel, Elaine. We’re away next weekend and I have similar thoughts, but even worse for the second week in Feb when my daughter’s getting wed. I’me already plea bargaining- if I’m ever so good all year, please can just this one weekend be fine…
    Hope it works out for you too.

  13. safe travels for your trip! Hope the weather holds for you!


  14. I hope you made it to Dallas, I know Heathrow was disrupted quite a bit. Have a wonderful time & I look forward to hearing all about it.

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