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…but now I'm not so sure

a quick post from Dallas


After all the worry of the snow preventing us from getting here, we had no problems at all – even arriving almost an hour ahead of schedule.  Some other members of the group were not so lucky.  Their orignal flight from Heathrow to Dallas on Friday morning was cancelled after they had sat on the plane, on the runway, for 9 hours!  We have now heard that they are on route today, but via Manchester and Chicago.

So far we have settled into our hotel, which is like a small town inside:

Gaylord Texanphoto credit: marriott.com

Gaylord Texan
photo credit: marriott.com

and today we are planning to go out and about and explore the local area.


8 thoughts on “a quick post from Dallas

  1. Glad you arrived safely but, oh my word, I could think of little worse than sitting on a plane for 9hrs and getting absolutely nowhere.

  2. Lucky you. hope you’ll have lots of piccies for us!

  3. I’m assuming that Texas didn’t greet you with any snow? the other had a nine hour wait on the runway? eek you’d just want to turn around and go home! travel nightmare!

  4. Looks fabulous – have a great time!

  5. Hope you have a good time in Dallas. I used to say it was a much better place to live than to visit – but in the last few years the city has become much more diverse and cosmopolitan. There is a lot of interesting things to do – but you have to get off the highways (and out of the Gaylord – what an impressive place).

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing.

  6. Haakon, Luke, and Levi flew back to Bemidji from San Diego via Dallas on Saturday. Your photo looks marvelous… wish I were there! It was -15 in Bemidji last night.

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