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six word saturday: sleeping beauty



We’re going to watch our daughter at work tonight. Since September she’s been working as assistant stage manager (ASM) with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, a dance company.  They’ve been touring the UK with Sleeping Beauty since the beginning of November and, after spending December and January in Sadler’s Wells in London (doing a sell-out 8 or 9 shows a week!), they are off again on tour starting with Milton Keynes and ending in Moscow in June.

We went to see the show at the beginning of December, and loved it so much that we are happy to go and see it again – in fact I’d be happy to see it again and again.  The music is the well known Tchaikovsky ballet music, but the production is nothing like the traditional Sleeping Beauty that you might have seen before.  The story has been changed slightly to make it more of a believable love story and to give a reason for why Beauty would wake up after a hundred years and fall instantly in love the man who kissed her.  The costumes are fabulous, the sets and lighting are wonderful, and the whole thing has a fantastic magical quality.

photo © mikah smillie

photo © mikah smillie

photo © New Adventures

photo © Simon Annand, New Adventures

If you’re in the UK you might have seen the BBC TV documentary, Imagine – A Beauty is Born,  that was shown just before Christmas, about Matthew Bourne and the process of creating this ballet from first rehearsals to first performances.

I’ve seen quite a few Matthew Bourne productions – The Nutcracker, Edward Scissorhands, Highland Fling and, possibly his most well known one, Swan Lake (the one which has male dancers as the swans).  They were all brilliant.

Here’s the promotional video for Sleeping Beauty.  (Hope it works).

Happy Saturday.

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14 thoughts on “six word saturday: sleeping beauty

  1. Have a lovely time – sounds like a great night out. Far more cultural than our trip out for a curry at the local Indian (by request of Will, whose 13th birthday is tomorrow).

  2. How wonderful it looks and what a great job she has!

  3. Haven’t been to the ballet for years. Enjoy

  4. Looks fabulous. Can’t wait to see it in Glasgow in a couple of weeks…what a lot of wings!

  5. My Beloved Sandra & I haven’t been to the ballet since last Millennium. Guess we oughtta…

  6. I’ve never been but would love to . . . . some day!

  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Better you, than I…I could never get into ballet.

  9. Looks wonderful and I wish I was in the UK to enjoy it.

  10. I know you’ll have a great evening! Enjoy!

  11. It looks so beautiful. Congratulations to your daughter. The Sleeping Beauty Waltz is one of my favourite pieces of music.

  12. Lucky you! Enjoy!

  13. Terrific!
    My two oldest grandsons have small parts in a local production of Les Miz and we’re going to see that today.

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