I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

theatre treats


The trip to Sleeping Beauty last night (which I suppose is better described as a dance performance rather than a ballet – there are no men in tights, no tutus and no dancers on points) was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it again.

Apart from one thing…

Sitting behind us (we were there with 5 friends) were three women – adult females,  not children as I thought before I turned round – who had no idea, it seemed, about the appropriateness of the treats/snacks they should take into a theatre.  Not for them the glass of wine, the box of chocolates or the tub of ice cream.  No, they chose to take in the loudest bags of sweets it is possible to imagine.  Not only were the bags very, very noisy as the women rustled, endlessly,  into their depths for their sweet of choice, but they always seemed to be dipping into them at the quietest parts of the music!  It was infuriating.  Perhaps they were more used to going to the cinema where the sound is so loud that it can drown out some of the other noises.  Of course everyone was too polite to say anything directly, but turning round and directing stares at them and sighing deeply didn’t seem to make a bit of difference.

About half an hour into the performance it went quiet after one particularly loud rustling session, so I presumed the sweets were finished and that was the noise of the bags being put away.  At the interval the women went out and got coffees which they brought back with them.  No problem, they were in cardboard cups – no rustling opportunities.  Then the lights went down for the second half, the curtain went up, the bags of sweets came out again and it was RUSTLE, RUSTLE, RUSTLE….   AAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!

I think they rustled on for about fifteen more minutes.  Thankfully the sweets were finished before one of us climbed over the back of the seat and throttled them with their own loud, rustling sweet bags!




5 thoughts on “theatre treats

  1. How annoying! Someone should have had a word with the ushers.

  2. Some people are so rude they don’t even know they are being rude!

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