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six word saturday: the drive north



After a busy Monday to Thursday at work, I packed up the car yesterday morning and headed for Scotland to visit my mum for a few days.  I can’t remember the last time I did this 400 mile journey in good weather,  and with absolutely no hold ups whatsoever.  Sometimes there’s good weather but lots of traffic jams, or sometimes there are no traffic jams but the weather is horrible which makes the drive difficult.  Yesterday was bright weather the whole way and there were no roadworks, no accidents and no traffic queues. It was almost pleasurable –  although it might be going a bit far to say that!

photo credit: wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia


54 thoughts on “six word saturday: the drive north

  1. What a treat! Hope it’s the same way going home.

  2. Oh I love it when that happens… especially at this time of the year. Makes a long journey much more pleasurable indeed!! We do have a blue sky today as well and it made me instantly active. Wish you a good stay in Scotland!!

  3. I hope the weather stays as good for the return. Scotland is gorgeous at any time of year.

  4. wow! that was a good journey north! hope you have a fab time there

  5. Wishing you safe travels home.

  6. Enjoy! LOVE it when travel is smooth!

  7. It’s been a while since I undertook a road trip. I’m inspired. Maybe in the spring…

  8. That’s wonderful! I hope you had a fantastic time with your mum.

  9. I love when a road trip comes together as well. Ours did too! We beat the massive snowstorm by one day.

  10. 400 miles is a LONG car ride. Glad you had no ‘bumps’ in the road!

  11. Glad you had a great journey up to Scotland,hope you have a nice time with your mum and wishing you a safe journey home x

  12. I enjoy a nice road-trip with my husband! I always say I have a captive audience in the car! And we have many lovely conversations there! Glad to hear that your trip was enjoyable!

    Happy Saturday!!!!

  13. I love to go on a roadtrip when the weather and traffic are cooperative. It provides great time for thinking and relaxing, and nothing is better than a visit to see your Mum! I had to drive a thousand miles to do that!

  14. I hope you have a great visit and that the trip home is equally enjoyable!

  15. Have fun up here. The weather sounds as uncharacteristic as the rugby result! You picked the right week 🙂
    Good idea to escape half-term up here where we only get a random couple of days.

  16. I just love Scotland. Enjoy your visit and glad the weather is currently good

  17. I love road trips! Scotland would be awesome!

  18. Have a wonderful time.

  19. Enjoy your time with your mum!

  20. driving in the sun is such a great treat.

  21. Have a lovely time together. Where in Scotland?

  22. I’m glad your trip went smoothly. Have a great visit with your mom. 🙂

  23. Dis you get much snow up there yesterday ? We had snow for most of the morning and quite heavy too but it didn’t settle this time.

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