I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

the birds


A first for me!

Driving along the side of Loch Venachar yesterday in the late afternoon we passed a field of Canada geese, grazing.  There must have been over a hundred of them.

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

Just after I had turned off my camera and climbed back into the car, they all took off together and headed towards the far side of the loch.  It would have made a wonderful photo, but by the time I got back out of the car it was too late.

I always assumed they had migrated from Canada to escape the harsh winter, but this article on the RSPB website suggests that they are resident all year round here in the UK


9 thoughts on “the birds

  1. Yes, we have a permanent colony of Canada Geese at our local park.

  2. We have a herd of them living in our backyard which backs up to a fresh water lake. They are pretty brazen and don’t even move when I let the Labrador Retriever out. When she chases them, they finally leave but come right back.

    • Funnily enough, I thought the ones I photographed looked a bit timid! Maybe it was just a coincidence that when I stopped the car to take the picture, they seemed a little unsettled. I’ve also heard that geese make good burglar alarms – maybe it’s their brazen nature that does it!

  3. Justin Beaver said to tell you he is very sorry but he simply can’t read this post. The thought of 100 birds is giving him the creeps. I love the photos and the surroundings look so wintery and chilly.

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