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an apology about road repairs


men at work

I’d just like to apologise to anyone in Scotland, no actually, possibly anywhere in the UK or indeed the western world, for the delay in any road repairs they were hoping would have been happening now or in the very near future.  I’m afraid no road mending/repairing can possibly be carried out anywhere else because every piece of necessary equipment seems to be in use here, outside my mum’s house!  I have never seen quite so many pieces of road repairing equipment together in one place.

There’s the machine that lifts the old road surface off, a JCB with a shovel on the front, a truck to receive the stuff the surface remover has removed, a large road sweeper, two small road rollers, an asphalt paver,  at least three large vehicles with the supplies of gravel on them,  and a selection of other large bits of equipment which make lots of noise.  Then there’s the gang of men weilding various bits of much less hi-tech equipment – spades, rakes, wheelbarrows etc.

My mum lives on the corner of one of four small cul-de-sacs off a minor road.  The road and all the cul-de-sacs are being re-surfaced this week and next.  Rather than doing one road at a time, they are working on them all together. The contractor is making every effort to make sure that residents can get in and out of their homes and roads, but earlier today we nearly had a big problem.  We went out in my car to do a few errands – no problem, just the road sweeper was in action round the corner.  When we returned it was another story altogether!  Every vehicle I have mentioned above (and probably some others as well) was lined up along the access to my mum’s little side road, and every available man was busy laying some tarmac.  I breathed in and edged round them all and onto the safety of the drive. It was touch and go!

So, I’m sorry if you were hoping to have the potholes in your road repaired this week.  This work has been needed for a very long time (years actually) – the roads were just a series of potholes joined together – you risked your suspension and wheel axles every time you drove along them.  It will be nice to be able to drive to my mum’s house in future without the need for seasickness tablets!

photo credit: creative.lego.com

photo credit: creative.lego.com


7 thoughts on “an apology about road repairs

  1. Ha ha! At least they are trying to fix the road. here in Italy they just close the road and forget about it.

  2. True. I’ve learned a simple thing in the last few years: wherever you are, however bad the roads, remember there are worse roads somewhere. And you’ll get to see them one day and then think about the ones you’re currently hating fondly.

  3. So that’s why nothing is being done here! At least someone’s roads are being fixed somewhere in the world. Maybe the problem of poorly maintained roads is a world-wide issue.

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