I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

another easy journey


For those of you who had a sleepless night last night wondering (really?  you had your best night’s sleep for ages last night?) … my journey home from Scotland yesterday was just as easy as the trip up there.  I left my mum’s house and drove to Glasgow to collect my daughter from her digs* – she was ready and waiting, we stopped to fill up with petrol and off we set.  Her digs were less than half a mile from the motorway (the M8 which goes right through Glasgow city centre) so it could not have been simpler.

The sun was shining the whole way again, the traffic was generally light (although there were a couple of short slower sections, we didn’t actually have to stop), there were no accidents on our side of the road, although we did pass one on the northbound carriageway which had caused a tailback of about a mile,  and we made excellent time.  I think it might have been a record journey time actually.

There was one small hiccup however when I noticed, about 25 minutes from home, the petrol warning light was on.  Of course I had no idea when it had come on, but managed to convince myself that it must just have come on and that’s why I noticed it!  We had just passed an exit of course, but it was just a couple of miles to the next junction and I knew there was a petrol station just a mile along the road into the town, so we kept our fingers crossed all the way to it!

Phew!  Crisis averted, and our journey home continued.

So now I am back home, the washing machine is on for the second time, the first lot is out drying in the sun, I’ve been out to do some shopping, I’ve made my list of tasks to get through today (mainly housekeeping ones) and I am just having a short break for coffee before I crack on.  Ah, the joys of being home after a week away.

photo credit: flickr.com

photo credit: flickr.com
Although I didn’t take this picture of the sign on the M1, it looked very much like that yesterday with blue sky and very little traffic.

*  I’ve tried to find the definitive origins of this word as a term used for temporary lodgings but haven’t had much luck.     One source said it might come from ‘diggings’ as places where men would go in California, or Australia, to dig for gold.   Another source I read said that it was first used in the UK in the late 1800s and appeared in The Stage magazine/newspaper when actors were looking for temporary accommodation as they toured the country in repertory theatre.


5 thoughts on “another easy journey

  1. Glad you’re back safe, Elaine. I didn’t sleep very well last night, bat at the time couldn’t fathom why. Maybe you’ve answered my question? 😉

  2. Now you’ve set a poser that must be answered.

  3. Glad that you’re home safely. Isn’t it excrutiating when the petrol light comes on. Even though you know in a rational sense that there is enough to get you to the service station, there is still that irrational thought that you just might not get there!

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