I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a question of colour


I’m hoping that you can help me.

My car is this colour.

x trail

Ever since I have owned it (10 years now), there has been some discussion/disagreement on what colour this is.  Each year when it has its MOT test, the colour on the report/certificate is listed differently – sometimes it is green, sometimes blue and sometimes grey.  This year it is a grey car.  On the car’s Registration document it says it is ‘Typhoon’, which is not very helpful.  I have always called it green (well it is green!), but other people say it is blue – opinion is divided.

So, I thought I would ask what colour you think it is and see if there is a general consensus.   (This could be dangerous, of course – I may have to accept that I have been wrong all these years! )


15 thoughts on “a question of colour

  1. it’s greenish blue hue, but definitely more green than blue. The tricky thing is a car with this color changes depending on the light. We have the same problem where one of our cars has a deep purplish hue in white light and then completely black in bright sunlight. Whatever the case, you don’t have to decide as that would fit well with your blog 🙂

  2. Greenish-blue, but more green than blue.

    Typhoon is an odd name for a colour.

  3. Sorry, messing with your brain here and going blue. Looks more blue to me (maybe a silver/blue – now that’s going to create confusion 😀 ).

  4. This made me laugh for two reasons. First, I know that my blue/green spectrum is a little different to other people’s. On several occasions, I’ve thought something was green, when someone else has described it as blue. The word “turquoise” is usually very helpful in these situations, though I wouldn’t call your car turquoise.

    The other reason I laughed is because I had exactly the same issue with my first car. It was a Vauxhall Nova. It was described with a different word on pretty much every MOT certificate: gold, beige, silver, brown. I can’t remember what it was on the registration document.

    • I’ve been suspecting for a while that blue/green can be a tricky spectrum – they can be very close sometimes – turquoise is a case in point. 🙂 I might refer to something as turquoise blue, but someone else could say turqouise blue. Oh, it’s so complicated!!

  5. I think its neither of the given color choices. Its Teal.

  6. So I voted for Green but I really like the name of Typhoon even if I don’t know what it means. It is a kind of sea-green-ish colour. I can see how it might be called Blue, but not grey

  7. In the photograph it looks blue, to me but photographs can be deceiving. 🙂

  8. It depends on the light. We once bought a blue lounge suite and when we got it home, in the lounge light, it was green.

    I voted blue.

    So it’s probably green.

  9. I’d say it’s more blue than green, Elaine… look at the darker shades… but having said that, it does have a typhoon hue about it!

  10. Who cares what the colour is called, it’s very nice!

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