I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

the first record I owned


I got the idea for this when I read a post on Carol’s Place.

The first record I ever owned was Coz I Luv You by Slade.  Am I embarrassed to be telling you this?  Yes, slightly.  I moved on to better things after that, but a first record is a first record!

It was late autumn, or early winter, 1971. I remember we had just got a record player or, to be more accurate, my father had just finished building our first record player – turntable, amplifier, speakers etc  (he liked a challenge).  Previously we had had a reel to reel tape recorder on which we listened to classical music mainly, but also My Fair Lady as I recall, and maybe even The Sound of Music.

When the record player was finished, we were each allowed to choose one record.  I chose Slade, which was in the charts at the time and was at number one for four weeks. I can’t remember what my sister chose, but our mum chose a Herb Alpert LP and dad a classical recording of some kind – possibly Beethoven or Chopin.

I can’t remember the next record I owned, which  I would have bought with my very own money, but all my records are stored away in our loft so one day I’ll have a look and see what memories that jogs.

Here’s Slade in all their glory.  Love those hair styles and outfits!



16 thoughts on “the first record I owned

  1. Dare I admit that the first record I ever owned, and also bought with my own hard earned money, was a Bay City Rollers LP. My husband gave me a Best of BCR CD a few years ago…memories.

  2. Yay! This was before I was even born 🙂

    My first record was Uptown Girl by Billy Joel.

    So I am old enough to have had records 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this it really brought back memories of the seventies. I just had to get up from the crochet and look at the old singles. When I was given my first record player I had two singles, “Venus in blue jeans’ and ‘Bobby’s Girl’. Still got them. 🙂

  4. I can vaguely remember this one, Elaine, I was three years old at the time… a century and a bit ago now, it would seem! My first was Xanadu, by Olivia Newton-John. I think I liked the word starting with an X!

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