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six word saturday: when the red, red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along



Ok, this isn’t about robins, but one does feature in this post and I just liked the title!

At the end of January I took part in the RSPB Garden Watch and sat for an hour counting the birds that came into my garden.  You might remember that not one single bird touched down in any part of my garden, or on any tree in my garden during that entire hour.  Well, perhaps it’s because the days are getting slightly longer, or we had a couple of sunny days last week, although the end of the week was bitterly cold, but yesterday my garden was thronging with them.  I didn’t sit for an hour, but over about an hour, every time I looked out of the window there was something else there – either on the feeders, in the trees and shrubs, or pecking on the ground.

I had at least eight blue tits (probably more, but I counted eight together at one point), two song thrushes, two wood pigeons, three great tits, one long tailed tit, two siskins, a robin, a female blackbird, two collared doves and one parakeet.

Yesterday was the first time I had seen a parakeet actually in our garden.  Usually they just pass by, but this one was sitting in a tree.  This morning as I started to type this, there were two of them sitting in a tree.  I’m still not used to their ‘voices’- they don’t seem to fit in with the other birds.  Our native garden birds mainly chirp and tweet, but the parakeet squawks and sounds much harsher.  I tried to take photos of  it, but it’s through a window (if I’d opened the door to go out, I thought it might have flown away) and on zoom, so it’s not great.


photo © iusedtobeindecisive

This is what one really looks like

Rapidly expanding: Parakeets originate from South America but large numbers live in south England after birds were released from captivity in the 1990s

I quite like seeing them, but they are becoming a bit problematic now.  They are taking over the best nesting sites in our local park/woodland and the native bird population is declining.  In some parts of the south of England they are talking about having to cull them so that our native species do not die out.  That does seem a bit drastic, but I’m not sure what else can be done.  We don’t wan’t to lose our other birds.

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33 thoughts on “six word saturday: when the red, red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along

  1. We encourage wildlife in our tiny garden but all we see are pigeons, sparrows and magpies.

  2. However did parakeets get to your area? Reading down your post I was thinking you must be in Australia!

  3. Parakeets in England? How bizarre!

    I love Robins 🙂

  4. I’ve always thought of parakeets as pets. I had no idea they flew around free like that!

  5. Parakeets, eh? I bet it takes a whole lot of them to make even one good meal…

  6. 🙂 Hi Elaine ~~ Woody, our woodpecker is back again. I think woody may be woodie, Mom. Anyway she pecks on the neighbor’s tree every morning again. She was gone all winter but the doves and sparrows have been staying.

    Sometimes we get the robins but not this year. South Texas hasn’t gotten very cold this year either and now the pear trees and the red buds are blooming.

  7. I enjoy looking at birds…but I don’t know what many of them are. When we were kids we had parakeets…and we kids would take them out of the cage and hold them on our fingers. BUT then the door would open when someone would come in…and “poof ‘they were gone! Perhaps they flew all the way to England from Calif.???…and we are to blame for the problem. Tee hee!

    Happy Saturday!


  8. We have the parakeets in our local park, too, Elaine. Never had them in the garden though. Nice to have so much company. My husband is the bird feeder in our house.

  9. Very interesting that you have wild parakeets in your area I am pretty sure there are none around here. Where I am working all day I don’t get much chance to see what birds we get but I have seen blackbirds and wood pidgeons. I worry about putting up feeders due to having an aging cat who finds birds interesting. In the trees near to us there are crows and we often get seagulls but not in our garden.

  10. It is interesting what nature you see, depending upon where you are. In the U.S. it amazes me to see the variations from area to area. Bald Eagles have only recently come back to our area. In the SW, there were animals I hadn’t seen before! Of course, I like it all!

  11. We’ve been debating leaving out feeders, etc. However we’re also wanting to start a garden and a little nervous that if we put out food we do want them to eat, we might not keep the birds out of the food we want for ourselves..

  12. I didn’t know we had parakeets living wild in the UK!

  13. We are parakeet free here thankfully.

  14. Oh, it sounds lovely – except for the problem.

  15. Parakeets in your garden! Wow I didn’t even know that was possible on this side of the world!

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