I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

far from normal


WordPress Prompt:

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

Okay, I am stepping back and having a look at my life from the outside.  Hmmmm. Unique, exciting or odd?

I’m just an ordinary person, I think,  living a normal life, but here goes…

1.  I am a holder of a World Record.  That got you taking notice!  It’s not an individual record, and I’m not mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records by name, but I was part of the record breaking Kazoo ensemble.  Here’s the info from the Guinness World Records website:

On 14 March 2011, an audience of 5,190 classical music fans at the “Big Red Nose Show” held in the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, formed a kazoo ensemble as part of Red Nose Day. Accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra and led by comedienne Sue Perkins, the ensemble hummed-out renditions of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyres and Eric Coates’ Dambusters March. The event was hosted by BBC Radio 3’s Katie Derham and Basil Brush.

Apparently the entire audience didn’t join in, because the record is now 3,910 players, the previous record was 3,861.

Here is the actual kazoo I used (drum roll please…. ) – we were handed them as we arrived.

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

2. I can write mirror writing quite easily. (I have yet to find a good use for this skill)

3.  I have a collection of 40 Peanuts cartoon books – all bought in the mid to late 1970s.

4.  I have donated 50 pints of blood. (not all at once!)

5.  I lived and worked in Doha, Qatar for two years.  No one had heard of it when I lived there in the mid 1980s, and you couldn’t get into the country unless you had a sponsor,  or unless you were visiting someone who was a resident.  Now it’s known for all sorts of reasons (e.g.richest country in the world per capita, host country for many sporting competitions) and you can go on holiday and stay in some of the best hotels in the world.   How things change.

6.  I can bake a really good pavlova.

A homemade pavlova decorated with pomegranate ...

A homemade pavlova decorated with pomegranate seeds and cream. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The prompt said ‘at least’ six, but finding six was enough of a struggle!


25 thoughts on “far from normal

  1. I’ve heard pavolva is really difficult, so well done you!

    I’m not allowed to give blood here in case I have BSE!!

    So, did you get to meet Basil Brush?

  2. You certainly got our attention with the world record, although I should thing, like the mirror writing, it’s hard to turn that into a life long income 🙂 The pavlova – well, maybe you could. Nowadays, it seems like the best option is to start a TV show, whipping out copious quantities of Pavlova. That way, I’ll be able to say I know someone famous, which, like your other achievements, won’t earn me a thing 😉

  3. Wow, a record-holding, kazoo-playing, mirror-writing, pavolva-baking Peanuts collector. That’s impressive. So is the blood donation tally. well done!

  4. Very interesting. I’m always impressed by a good pavlova.

  5. Wow you sound unique & exciting to me & you met Basil Brush? that is a claim to fame if ever I heard one!! That pavolva looks divine by the way.

  6. Well done on being a World Record Holder, Elaine.

  7. Am very VERY impressed with your blood giving total. I’ve still not braved even the first pint, there’s just something about it that makes me feel sick. But I do REALLY want to do it.

    • I’ve no idea what first put the idea in my head, but I always said I would give blood as soon as I was old enough, and I remember my very first donation when I was at college. I am lucky, I think, that I find it very easy to give, and always feel absolutely fine. What a shame that the thought makes you feel ill, especially when it’s something you would really like to do. 😦

  8. Hi there,
    I guess you have been in Qatar. I am a free-lance writer with Gulf Times doing an article on bloggers in Qatar.
    I have a few questions about how do you maintain your blog, why you started blogging, what do you like about Qatar etc, for my article.
    Please let me know if you’re willing to contribute. I would really love and appreciate that!

  9. But six fascinating facts! Really enjoyed this post 🙂

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