I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – dawn chorus



It was particularly loud this morning, and particularly early!   It’s another welcome sign of spring, though, that the mornings are getting lighter, and the birds noisier, and earlier.

English: Song thrush near Faringdon Folly This...

Song thrush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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31 thoughts on “six word saturday – dawn chorus

  1. I’m glad most of the birds around here are out the back. You can hear them when you’re in the kitchen eating breakfast, but not from the bedroom 😀

  2. Oh I love love love it when I get to hear the birds singing in the morning. Such a sign of spring indeed! I didn’t hear them this morning though, we’re having heavy rains right now and more snow and cold weather in the forecasts so I guess we’ll have to be a little more patient 😉
    Enjoy the signs of spring!

  3. I read that because of street lighting, birds chirp all the way through the night in some places. Think yourself lucky 🙂

    • I’m still at my sister’s house, where there isn’t a street light for miles and miles around, and the house is in the woods (which are full of birds!). However, at home we have street lights but they go off at midnight and on again at 6am (in winter) which means we have ‘proper’ darkness thank goodness and the birds have to wait until dawn approaches. 🙂

  4. I do like birdsong, Elaine. I used to work throughout the night, and there was one noisy bird that tweeted for Britain at exactly 1.30am every day. I liked it. Others didn’t, but I did!

  5. I’m longing for summa dat sound; yes indeed.
    All we have at the moment is the caw of crows.

  6. 🙂 Nice, Elaine. Spring WILL come, just wait for the snow to stop falling. The birds know. Our woodpecker has returned for the year now. I hear her this morning out getting breakfast for her little ones. (We seldom get snow here in our part of Gulf Coast, Texas.)

  7. I’m looking forward to hearing the birds singing each morning. Soon… ☺

    Happy Saturday!

  8. birds around hear squack….no singing 😦

  9. Our birds are quiet this morning….hiding from the falling snow. I look forward to mornings to come filled with birdsong.

  10. Sometimes I can sleep through it. If not I just lay there writing in my head till I need a coffee.

  11. I think as spring progresses I’ll start to sleep through it, but this morning it just seemed particularly loud and enthusiastic! 🙂

  12. That reminds me of a book I read when I was younger in which Minnie Mouse writes in her diary that she wishes “they would just go away.” Her friends are upset because they think she means them, but she really means the noisy birds that keep waking her up! Yay for the coming of Spring!

  13. It’s Sunday morning here and as I put the blind up in the kitchen there were two magpies sitting on the fence warbling away at the top of their lungs. Our magpies are different from yours except that they are black and white. They have the most beautiful song. (I wonder if the first settlers called them magpies because they looked similar)

    • Now that sounds lovely – at least you weren’t woken up by them. 🙂
      Your comment answers a puzzling comment I read earlier when I was searching for a picture of a singing bird – it said something about magpies singing beautifully, and I thought, surely not! So, the comment must have been about your magpies.

      • I guess so. There is a saying about chattering like a magpie and that must be your birds. Ours sound like tinkling bells. It’s just beautiful. You should come and visit and hear for yourself. Mind you, when it comes to nesting season and the magpies become all territorial and nasty, the sound they make when swooping on unsuspecting passers-by isn’t not pleasant at all. They are like Jekyll and Hyde.

  14. I delight in listening to the birds singing outside my window. To me it is one of life’s little joys!
    I don’t hear them from my bedroom though…so if I did it might not be such a joyful noise! (:>)

    Happy Saturday!


  15. Can’t beat the sound of birds in a morning….or can you 🙂

  16. What wonderful things are brought when the snow thaws and the flowers bloom.

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