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…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – a week of two halves



Last Saturday I was in the wilds of the beautiful Scottish countryside, and this Saturday I am posting from home again.

Spring is still trying to arrive here and it’s not having much help from the weather.  Since I got back home on Tuesday evening we’ve had rain, wind, overnight frosts, one beautiful sunny afternoon and more rain.

The snowdrops are still looking lovely and I have one lone daffodil in bloom.  Actually, that’s not exactly true – there is one lone daffodil in the flowerbeds, but my tub of miniature daffodils is looking good.

It has been pouring all morning but now the sun is shining, so I rushed out and took a quick photo of the mini daffs.

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

photo © iusedtobeindecisive

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21 thoughts on “six word saturday – a week of two halves

  1. Pretty! I have seen two open daffodils this week, in total 🙂

  2. Check out my post and you will see that I couldn’t wait for them in the yard…
    I didn’t even know there were mini daffs…. I am going to have to get me some…. they are so darn cute!

  3. The daffodils look so lovely against the cobolt blue pottery… nice shots.

  4. They are so beautiful! One of my favorite flowers to photograph! I hope the weather starts being kind soon.

  5. It’ s funny but the little fellas do seem to be quick starters, don’t they? I’ve seen quite a few hereabouts and quite a few normal ones too, but the crocuses seem to be hedging their bets. Like me, they need a warm coat!

  6. Daffodils have overrun the blogosphere this week. Lovely photos, still months away here, sadly.

  7. Those are beautiful. Hoping our weather gets its act together also. Just when I thought spring was near, I woke up to snow!

  8. Such a pretty photo! We don’t have anything blooming outside yet, so we decided to have some daffodils inside instead. I love them! Can imagine your week felt a bit all over the place with the travelling from one place to another. Wish you a good weekend at home!

  9. Nice pics…So jealous that your flowers are in bloom. The way it’s going here…they won’t be out before Easter. 😦

  10. I a few weeks we should have these. I always see Easter as the official start of Spring.

  11. Beautiful! I can’t wait for our daffodils. 🙂

  12. Blue and yellow, one of my favourite colour combos. I have a dear friend who lives in Portsmouth and she has no garden, just a small courtyard at the back of her house. She has collected lots of blue pots and they are overflowing with flowers every Spring and Summer. Your mini daffodils are lovely. Spring must be on the way. Here we are into our third week of Autumn and it’s 30 degrees today.

  13. Your daffodils are certainly a cheery welcome to spring, even in the midst of rain. 🙂

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