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spring equinox


Today is the Spring equinox, meaning that spring has officially started, winter is behind us (theoretically, because no-one has mentioned this equinox thing to the weather gods) and we are on our way to longer days and summer.

I went on a tour of my garden this morning (makes it sound very large and grand, which it isn’t!) to look for signs that nature agreed and was pleasantly surprised actually.  Little shoots are starting to appear on my roses and shrubs and all the daffodils are up out of the ground now and looking as though they might open up in the next few days.  The birds are generally much more active, and there’s one pair of wood pigeons (well, I think it’s the same pair each time hard to tell really when they all look the same) who are very interested in each other in a not very subtle way… on the fence, on the shed roof, on the tree branches….

Our road is lined with trees and I’ve noticed that the blossom on the cherry trees is starting to appear.  It will look lovely soon – and a day or two after all the blossom is out we will have high winds which will blow it all off and we will have pale pink snow.  Happens every year!

Have a happy Equinox day, whatever you may be doing.

March Equinoxphoto credit: timeanddate.com

March Equinox
photo credit: timeanddate.com



23 thoughts on “spring equinox

  1. It is much the same here, including the wind! Happy Spring! 🙂

  2. Spring has arrived in Italy as well, although we still have snow on the ground and the plants still think it is winter.

    Can we forget spring and move straight to summer please, a bit like putting the clocks forward.

  3. Of course, that means Autumn is officially here for us. But, fear not, I actually prefer the cold weather. Happy Equinox to you!

  4. No signs of spring here – although the snow that was forecast for this week hasn’t materialised. We got rain instead.

  5. Autumn here – sort of!

  6. Minnesota continues to be covered in a thick heavy blanket of snow. It was -1 degree below zero Fahrenheit again this morning. Often we see some signs of melting, but winter still has a firm grip on us. We have usually tapped the maple trees by now, expecting them to give of their sap as the temps climb above freezing and the tree supplies sugars to the budding leaves. We are afraid that when it does start to heat up, the temperatures will be too warm and the snow will melt too fast causing much flooding in low lying areas.

  7. I always forget about the consequences of the snow. I just think about how lovely it looks, and don’t consider the maple trees and the possible flooding.
    I have my fingers crossed for you that it’s not all bad news for the maple sap this year.

  8. It’s been snowing up here again this morning, but at least some buds are starting to come through.

  9. We have blossom appearing on the trees around here which is always a cheery sight 🙂

  10. It’s the Autumn equinox for us, but hopefully the Autumnal weather stays away for a bit longer.

  11. I am so cold. Snow forecast for tomorrow.
    Thanks for the promise of spring.

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