I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a day in which nothing much was planned


Yesterday, with nothing in particular planned for the day,  we decided to battle through the snow (only about 1 millimetre of it lay in the end!) and go out for lunch.  A new Carluccio’s restaurant has opened nearby and we were interested to try it.  “Should we phone and book a table?” I asked Mr I*.  “No, it won’t be busy,” he said, decisively, “not at this time.”  Bowing to his superior knowledge we set off, un-booked, aiming to arrive at said restaurant about 1pm.  I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.  Yes, unsurprisingly on a Saturday, in bad weather, at lunchtime, the restaurant was busy and there were no tables available.   They were confident of having a few tables ready in about 20 minutes, so we went into the shopping centre to browse at printers.  Our printer has stopped speaking wirelessly to my laptop, and no amount of coaxing, removing and re-installing software, and hitting with a hammer can persuade it to re-open the path of communication, so we are thinking of updating to a newer model.  We saw one we thought would fit the bill, but of course it was out of stock.

Heading back to the restaurant I spotted a rather nice Easter/Spring tea towel.  It was calling my name so, going against my usual indecisiveness, I was completely decisive and bought it.

The lunch was delicious, and I’d happily go to a Carluccio’s again.  I forgot to take photos until my pudding arrived, but I had a very nice pate to start, followed by spinach and ricotta ravioli, washed down with a glass of crisp, white Sicilian wine.  I wasn’t going to have had anything else, but I noticed coffee ice cream on the menu and succumbed to temptation.  Coffee ice cream is one of my favourites but it isn’t very common for some reason, so I thought I’d better take the opportunity to have it!

The restaurant also has a small shop, selling all sorts of Italian temptations.  I was mesmerised by the size of the meringues!  Look at them!

So much to tempt me in Carluccio's shop.

So much to tempt me in Carluccio’s shop.

Just look at the size of these meringues!

Just look at the size of these meringues!

Coffee and bitter chocolate ice cream.  Delicious.

Coffee and bitter chocolate ice cream. Delicious.

I managed not to buy any of the delicious goodies in the shop – probably because I was so full after my lunch.  Had I just been popping in for a coffee, it might have been a different story!

After our leisurely lunch we headed home for a leisurely afternoon of watching rugby on television, and catching up with reading blogs.

* I have decided to re-christen him Mr Decisive as writing Mr I is getting confusing (well, for me at least!), and he is not at all indecisive.


14 thoughts on “a day in which nothing much was planned

  1. Nice. I do like reading fast, quirky and pleasant things like this! Glad you liked your lunch out! Hihi

    -Nina ❤

  2. Elaine, I’m not overly keen on meringues, but they look good!
    I think you can always tell quality when places are full to the rafters at lunchtime…!

  3. I think I’d be sick if I ate a whole one of those meringues!

  4. Mmmmm, what would you choose first? I think I would like to try one of each, although not all at the same time.

  5. Looks like a lovely place. Amazing meringues 🙂

  6. It had a nice atmosphere. Busy, but not noisy, which is always a plus.

  7. Those are indeed huge meringues. And why did you have to show a photo of ice c ream? Now I have to get up, put on my shoes…

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