I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Easter eggs


Imagine receiving one of these on Easter Sunday.

Faberge Lilies of the Valley eggphoto credit: faberge.com

Faberge Lilies of the Valley egg
photo credit: faberge.com

Faberge Coronation Egg 1897photo credit: faberge.com

Faberge Coronation Egg 1897
photo credit: faberge.com

Faberge Clover Leaf egg 1902photo credit: faberge.com

Faberge Clover Leaf egg 1902
photo credit: faberge.com

I think they are marvellous, and even the largest Ferrero Rocher, or After Eight, egg (wonderful as either of them would be 🙂 ), couldn’t possibly come close to being as fabulous as a Fabergé egg.  These are just three of fifty that were designed by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Russian Imperial family between 1885 and 1916, and each one took more than a year to complete.

I think the Lily of the Valley one is my favourite, but it was hard to choose.


10 thoughts on “Easter eggs

  1. The clover leaf egg is definitely my favorite. I have never seen a Faberge egg for as much as I have heard about them. I am in awe. They are just beautiful.

  2. It’s such a random thing to have become embroiled in Easter. Apparently it is maybe something to do with a fertility goddess Oestre. Or a link back to a bit of the passover meal that came in at some point in the last two millenia.
    But, as sure as eggs are eggs, there will be Easter eggs.
    Beautiful eggs in those fab faberge pics.

  3. I used to be told, as a child, that it was a symbol of new birth/life. We used to roll painted, hard boiled eggs, down a hill and that was supposed to represent the rolling away of the stone in front of the tomb that Jesus was laid in. There are so many different reasons for eggs at Easter.

  4. What’s the point of Faberge eggs for goodness sake. You can’t eat the things and if you start collecting them they take over your life. Give me a chocolate egg any time.
    Thinks: Maybe that’s why my son bought me a bicycle for my 60th birthday! Hmmmmm

  5. Just spotted this in your sidebar. Don’t mind at all if you want to send me that clover egg, although the lily of the valley is equally gorgeous.

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