I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a walk along by the canal


I went for a walk along the canal towpath on Monday afternoon.  The sun was weak and hazy, but there all the same, and it was actually dry underfoot for a change so my wellington boots were a bit surplus to requirements.  Last time I was in the park, and by the canal, it was very wet, and the river (which runs alongside the canal) was over flowing and covering the paths.

Spring is still struggling to make any impact here, so it all still looks a bit stark and bleak.  I passed one fisherman but he didn’t look too happy, so the fish can’t have been biting.  There were a couple of swans and a few ducks, but otherwise it was quiet apart from the odd bird tweet.  On the first part of my walk only a few narrow boats were moored by the path and one in particular, called Victoria, looked splendid all painted in red, white and blue and with a plaque on it saying it had been built in Balmoral.  I didn’t get a picture of it I’m afraid.

Here are a few pictures of what I saw:

canal towpath 1

canal towpath 2

I crossed a bridge here and could see this permanent mooring site, where some people live on their boats all year round.

canal towpath 3

This next one made me smile.  What on EARTH was going on??

car on canal boat

car on canal boat 2

The bumper from the front of the car was lying on the front of the boat.  Were they taking it for repair?  For scrap?  Couldn’t they find a parking spot, so they had to take the car with them? 🙂


7 thoughts on “a walk along by the canal

  1. That looks like an abandoned car that they used to add to their living space. The tarp tells me its got no windows. There are definitely no tires (or they’re on the “roof” I guess), that sucker’s not going anywhere.

  2. I love those canals and longboats. Something we don’t get at all here. That last one is hilarious. Can’t make out if they’re trying to use the car for extra space or, as you say, taking it somewhere to scrap

  3. Love that second picture of the canal and of course the one with the car…

  4. It’s not looking very Spring-ish is it. I hope it warms up for you soon.

  5. It’s a bit like hearing a snatch of conversation out of context so it sounds bizarre. then I can make up all kinds of things to fit it. The same with the car, though I agree with chiefmadapple’s observation – it’s not going anywhere without some work. I enjoyed the different ideas on why it was there – I’d love to see the extra living space they made of it.

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