I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

the question of the shrinking Cadbury’s Creme Egg


After I had posted about my feeling that Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are shrinking, there was a suggestion that perhaps it’s because we are getting so used to larger chicken’s eggs nowadays that the Creme Eggs seem so small.  I felt some research was necessary.  Of course this meant I had to buy another Cadbury’s Creme Egg – such a hardship, but I think I will cope with having to eat another one.  😉

Here’s a series of photos, which I think demonstrate that Creme Eggs are definitely a lot smaller than they used to be.  For the purposes of this research I have used the egg cups we were given when we got married in 1985, which is before we started being able to buy large and x-large eggs (I think), so I presume they were made to fit ‘standard/average’ eggs of the time.

This first photo has a UK small egg on the left and a large egg on the right.  I think the small egg looks too small for the egg cup and the large egg seems to fit nicely.

large and small eggs in cups

Now here’s the small egg next to the Creme Egg.  The Creme Egg is almost lost in the egg cup!

small egg and creme egg in cups

Finally here’s the large egg and the Creme egg.

large egg and creme egg in cups

Not very scientific research, I know, but I think it shows that the Creme Egg is tiny.  I remember when Creme Eggs used to sit in the egg cups properly – just like a real egg.  Do you remember the little knitted egg cosies that we use to have, to keep our boiled eggs warm?  I’m sure they used to fit over the Creme Egg just like a normal egg, and the surprise would be when you lifted the cosy off there was a Creme Egg instead of a boiled egg.  I think you’d have to pad the cosy out with something to bulk it up a bit if you were trying to hide a Creme Egg under it these days!breakfast-eggs


34 thoughts on “the question of the shrinking Cadbury’s Creme Egg

  1. I enjoy a good scientific study every so often.. I wonder if I could do one on wine?

  2. The two of you could change the world of science as we know it… 😉

  3. I read an article recently that explored lots of companies that are “down sizing” their products. It’s a way to increase profits whilst not seeming to put prices up! Lots of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners have also done it.

  4. I once got a Creme Egg which was covered with an egg cosy shaped like a chick. I may still have the egg cosy somewhere. It was knitted specially for the Creme Egg though, so I don’t know whether it ever fit a real egg.

    I would gladly take even a small Creme Egg if it meant they were actually available here! Easter without Creme Eggs (or Cadbury’s Mini Eggs) isn’t proper Easter!

  5. Excellent research!

    The eggs are definitely smaller. It’s probably Margaret Thatcher’s fault 😉

  6. Very conclusive research, Elaine. Maybe they’ll be bringing out different sized Creme Eggs over the coming years, and have started with their miniscule size.

  7. OMG – it’s true. I found conclusive evidence of creme egg shrinkage, look at this:
    I soooo want one now! They make my teeth hurt, but that never stops me….

  8. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case in the egg. We used to have some of those little egg cosies when we were children. I wonder where they are now. I’m thinking I could conduct the same kind of study on all sorts of chocolates and biscuits here and I can guarantee that the only thing getting bigger and not smaller would be me!

  9. I am persuaded by your research!

    Walnut Whips used to be my favourite. Now you can’t buy them anywhere except M&S, and they’re not the same at all. The M&S ones are just marshmallow inside the chocolate. The original Walnut Whips used to be a lovely sticky creamy consistency. Such a disappointment. Could you make the search for a decent Walnut Whip your next research project?

  10. I think that the argument from The Cadbury Msrkeing people /lawyers is probably something along the lines of ” we always said it was a Creme egg but we never said it was a CHICKEN’s creme egg,,
    … ergo the Quails Eggs that we are selling is actually LARGER than what the public can quite rightly expect (even though they still cost as much as the previously even larger size quails eggs that they used to be).

    When it comes to pulling the wool over the consumers eyes, the marketing departments always have some trite answer , they shift the goal posts half way though the game etc. All in the name of profit you understand!

    • Have you worked in marketing in a previous life? 😉 I think what you say is probably correct.
      I haven’t checked the size of the eggs this year, because I am still so cross that Cadbury’s have changed the chocolate they are using, and it won’t be Dairy Milk any more. I just can’t look at Creme Eggs with the same excitement now. 😦

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