I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

as easy as a walk in the park


Trying to keep up my resolve to go for walks in the local park as much as possible, I was there again this week.  It was a sunny day, although a bit windy, and nice for a brisk walk.  Well, brisk apart from when I stopped to admire the view, take photos, listen to birds etc.

river view

There is still a lot of flooding from all the rain we had over the winter (nice to be able to say that – I feel as though I have accepted that spring has finally arrived 🙂 ) and the area where the next photo was taken is usually a dry woodland floor.

prehistoric waters

Did anyone else think they saw some sort of a prehistoric creature here (pterodactyl-ish), in this broken tree branch?


This last photo is one of the many locks on the canal.  It has recently been mended (apparently at a cost of many thousands of pounds) and just doesn’t look the same – the far gate is a lighter colour than it used to be, and the handrail has been replaced and it just looks all wrong. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

canal lock

I spotted a few water birds on my walk, but I’ll put them in another post.


5 thoughts on “as easy as a walk in the park

  1. I love the dinosaur photo. Do you think he is related to the Tree I posted a while ago??

  2. Great pic of the pterodactyl 🙂
    Yes, I think that maybe, just maybe, it may possibly be spring!

  3. I didn’t see it until you said it but WOW! Amazing!

  4. That pterodactyl is brilliant! Well spotted!

  5. That definitely looks like a prehistoric creature of some kind. It looks like a lovely walk through the park. 🙂

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