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spring bypass and summer memories


We seemed to have bypassed spring and gone straight into summer yesterday (weather gods please note – I am not complaining, just making an observation 😉 ).  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and I decided the time was right for the lawn to have its long overdue inaugural cut of the year.   I wasn’t surprised at how long the grass had become, based on the fact that we’d had lots of rain followed by warm sun, but I was surprised to find daisies and dandelions in it – fully formed and flowering.  A couple of big fat bumble bees came along to see what was happening, and a butterfly fluttered by at one point.  I’m sure it’s a bit too early for them all?

photo credit: wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia

Later on, I had to go to the local dry cleaners to pick something up and decided to walk the long way round because it was such a nice day.  As I walked past gardens full of spring flowering plants, trees and shrubs with blossom on them, and particularly a blackcurrant bush, I suddenly had a sort of ‘flashback’ feeling to when I was at primary school: it was the summer term and I was walking either to or from school wearing my school blazer, summer dress, short white ankle socks and brown closed toe sandals.  I loved wearing my sandals – they were so light and airy with their crepe sole after the heavy shoes, or boots, of the winter.

This should be the moment at which I post a photograph of me in summer school uniform, complete with sandals, but sadly I don’t have one.  I can’t even find anything approximating it online, so a picture of similar sandals will have to do.  🙂

Does this bring back memories for anyone?

photo credit: wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia


31 thoughts on “spring bypass and summer memories

  1. Yes, what has happened to spring?? The weather here keeps changing between winter and summer. Yesterday it was jumpers and the wood fire burning, today it is flip flops and sun glasses.

  2. Oh crikey, those Clarks shoes sent me down memory lane! Mine were the same, but they were duck-shit green (I have big feet, so I got whatever was in my size rather than a choice of colour). Here we’re definitely into spring mode, but MM is keeping her jumper on (it’s colder inside than out).

  3. Spring is hanging on for dear life here. Mostly going between spring and winter. We’re supposed to have snow showers overnight tonight. UGH!! I did have some shoes very similar to that though! Enjoy your weather! 🙂

  4. We still feel like early spring here 😦 But it’s better than late, late, late winter 🙂

  5. Ah, t-bar sandals! That brings me back!

  6. Love your writing, the lovely flower pic. Made me feel nostalgic 🙂

  7. My garden is the same; the grass was more grey than green until a few days ago but is now covered in flowering daisies. I wore sandals just like those in your photo, as did my children and grandchildren. Another 10 years and I shall probably be wearing them again!

  8. My friend who lives in Portsmouth said it is still very chilly there and they are waiting for Spring to arrive. Here it’s only five weeks till Winter and it was 30 degrees in Brisbane today and 24 where I live in the mountains. Just how I like it…

  9. Hey, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – congratulations! Linda

  10. Yes, I had those sandals. The shop I bought them in wouldn’t have looked out of place next door to where Harry Potter bought his wand. And I heard rumour of snow forecast for tomorrow, but I am doing my best not to believe it.

  11. I remember those shoes, always in navy for me I think. When all I wanted was a pair of 3 inch platforms! (Mum had me in Clarkes way too old!)

  12. My Clark’s sandals were similar to this, but navy blue 🙂

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