I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

water birds in the park


A few years ago, when I was walking our dog in the park, I was pretty sure that I saw a mandarin duck on the river,  but it was just disappearing into the plants by the bank so I couldn’t be absolutely sure.

photo credit: wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia

Normally I just see mallards, moorhens, swans and herons, nothing as exotic-looking as a mandarin duck,  so I wasn’t sure if actually I had imagined it.

When I was out for my walk last week, what did I see swimming along? – a pair of mandarin ducks.  I was very excited (doesn’t take much!) because it proved that I hadn’t imagined the one I had seen before!  I took a couple of quick pictures but, even with the zoom, I was still too far away to get a really good shot.

pair of mandarin ducks 2

I also saw a pair of mallards looking as though they were trying to find a secluded spot… 😉

pair of mallards

There was one moorhen – no sign of its partner.


And a grey heron pretending to be a statue.

grey heron

We have lots of herons, and not just by the river or canal – sometimes I see them on our neighbours’ roofs looking to see who has a fish pond in their garden.


8 thoughts on “water birds in the park

  1. Mandarin ducks have such pretty colours!

  2. That’s a very exotic looking creature. Lovely heron, too.

  3. Mandarins are so pretty. My cell phone is full of blurry shots of birds taken while holding our dogs’ leashes with one hand and trying to photograph the bird before the dogs spook it. I’m getting quicker.

    • That reminds me of another day I was in the park, and could see some mallards on the water and wanted to try and take a photo, but someone’s dog was running along the bank of the river, then jumping in, then jumping out, then jumping in… There was no chance for a photo that day!

  4. Well done to get the shot of the mandarin ducks – beautiful!

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