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mandarins and other water birds


My sister and I went for another walk yesterday and saw the pair of mandarins.  This time we got a much closer look and they even came right up to where we were standing.

mandarin duck on river

male mandarin duck2

male mandarin duck

The poor female didn’t get much of a look in because she isn’t as ‘look at me’ gorgeous as the male!  I did manage to get her tail in one picture as she swam to the edge to get out and have a closer look at us.

now you see her

We also saw a female mallard with four (quite newly hatched I think) chicks.

duck and four ducklings


13 thoughts on “mandarins and other water birds

  1. Beautiful! We don’t see mandarins around here.

  2. What a beautiful bird!

  3. The intricate markings of these ducks are just amazing! Who knew God was such an artist?

  4. Amazing colours in the feathers (and a surprise too because I was thinking of oranges before I opened your post LOL)

  5. Thank You so much for posting the pictures, I have never seen mandarins and this may be the only time. They are quite something, lovely colors and markings, are they part of the duck family? Now mallards I have seen many times – we used to have a family of mallards at an apartment complex and they ate all the snails and pooped on my patio. But I enjoyed watching the little ones grow and mature. A treat!

    • Yes, they are part of the duck family. Originally they are from Eastern Asia, but the theory is that over the years a few have escaped from zoos and collections and there are thought to be about 7000 of them in the UK. I’m hoping the pair I saw are a breeding pair, and we can look forward to some mandarin chicks.

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