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Southport skies


I was away over the weekend (it was a Bank Holiday weekend here) visiting a friend in Southport.  On Saturday it was a beautiful day – the sun was shining, but it was quite cool and really windy.  I do not enjoy windy weather (well, I would if I was trying to fly a kite, or go windsurfing, or sailing a yacht, or something that requires the wind to be blowing) because it blows my hair all over my face.  Yes I know I could have clipped it back, or worn a hat, or a hair band, but I didn’t have those things with me, or a hood on my coat, so I just had to cope (cue the sympathetic noises here.  Poor me. 😉 ).  Anyway, the windy weather produced some very nice skies.

Marine Way Bridge Southport

Marine Way Bridge, Southport

Lights on Southport Pier

 Southport Pier

Light on Southport Pier

Lights on Southport Pier

I’ve been to Southport many times, but haven’t ever managed to see the sea!  It always seems to be low tide when I’m there.  I tried again on this trip and just managed to catch a glimpse of it in the distance.  Look closely at this photo and you might just be able to see it near the horizon.

The view towards Blackpool from Southport.

The view towards Blackpool from Southport.


4 thoughts on “Southport skies

  1. Maybe there is no sea and they just want you to think there is… We have a Southport here too. It’s definitely on the sea. It’s part of the Gold Coast.

  2. Oooh, I love sky pics! Many happy memories of visiting my grandparents in Southport as a child.

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