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Friday letters


Since I started reading blogs a few years ago I’ve seen a few where they have done ‘Friday letters’ and, most recently, I’ve been enjoying reading Bev’s at Confuzzledom.  I thought I would take the plunge and write some myself, because there’s been a few things recently which have annoyed me and this is a good way to get them off my chest!  🙂

Dear Learner Drivers

I know we were all learner drivers at one time, and on the whole I am very patient with you, but why must you travel in packs, and why must you be out on our roads just when I am in a hurry to drive somewhere?  I realise that the area where I live is perfect for you to learn, particularly when it is your first lesson, but if you could time your lessons to be spread out during the whole day, preferably when I don’t need to be using the road too, then I would appreciate it.  Learning to parallel park is surely something you do not need to practise between our cars is it?  Starting to do a three point turn (or turn in the road I think you call it now) just when I am approaching is not endearing you to me very much either, and even if I see one of you in advance and decide to try a different route, then there’s usually another one of you driving slowly along.  Please ask your instructors to consider taking you somewhere else for your lessons – we’ve done our time round here!

Dear Senior Citizens in supermarkets on Fridays

Please learn good supermarket trolley/cart etiquette.  Leaving your trolley in the middle of the aisle whilst you rummage for the nicest pack of bacon, or try to find the best bargain on the ‘reject’ shelf is fine if you are the only one in the shop, but not when there are lots of you.  Perhaps you should think of shopping in a supermarket which has a) a cafe where you can sit and chat with your friends and discuss all your latest aches and pains, or b) much more space in the entrance.

Dear Dog Walkers in the park

Picking up after your dog is very commendable, but it is not enough just to dog-waste-bin-pick up the poo and put it in a little bag – the little bag has to either go home with you or be deposited in one of the many bins situated around the park which are marked for that very use.  Leaving the poo filled bag lying on the path, or the grass, or in the woods is doing nothing to help the situation.

Dear Chris Hadfield

Why did I not know about you before Monday of this week?  Why have you allowed me to miss weeks of entertaining Tweets, photos and videos from the International Space Station?

Just in case anyone else missed Chris Hadfield, here’s his brilliant Space Oddity video.


18 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Ha ha ha, a Friday Rant.

    In Italy, 2 or 3 women, will completely block a supermarket aisle with their trolleys and Gucci bags, while they catch up with the local gossip. There is no way to move them, unless you buy a shovel from the gardening department.

  2. I hate it when people start having a chat in the aisle right in front of the item I’m trying to get!!

  3. I can’t believe that people go to the trouble of putting the poo in the bag, then leave the bag on the ground! POOr show. 😉

  4. I never knew you were so intolerant 😉

  5. I have only just watched the video. It is brilliant. 🙂 Got to go I need to watch it again

  6. Ha ha, loved this! We don’t get learner drivers in our village- the pot holes in the road are so huge that the instructors take their learners elsewhere 🙂 Interesting to see that the “gift -wrapped crap” phenomenon also exists in England…..

  7. The video is way cool!

  8. Chris Hadfield’s video is great isn’t it. What a character!

  9. I agree. He must have a great imagination to think of doing that.

  10. Nice post Elaine. It feels good to have a rant periodically, and clear the decks so to speak. I’ve seen some of Chris Hadfield’s other videos and they’re brilliant. ~James

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