I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – sun cream


Hooray! The sun is shining and the weather looks good for the weekend.  So, I


Oh, and another six words inspired by what I’ve just heard as I am typing this:


Odd, because we live about as far from the coast as it’s possible to be in England!



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20 thoughts on “six word saturday – sun cream

  1. My beloved Sandra and I spent last weekend at the shore. She uses sunscreen. I sit in the shade. My drink stays cooler that way.

  2. It’s about time the weather got more summer-like once again, Elaine! I do actually blame it for my cold you know…

  3. I’m doing that, Elaine ~~ We are about to head out to Piccadilly Circus. We for sure will stop at the Whole Food store.

  4. I’m headed to the beach with my son today for a bit of a cultural festival. I’ll make sure to duck from the seagulls and the sunscreen is already packed!! Happy 6WS!!!

  5. Looking for shady spots with a little breeze!

  6. Will definitely be wearing some here! Up in the mountains we’re so much closer to the sun.. I wear it almost every day. Sounds lovely – enjoy the pretty day!

    AJ @ Naturally Sweet

  7. Sunscreen is a definitely for me. I’m hoping for a bit of a breeze too today!

  8. Agreed! As a survivor of melanoma, sunscreen is a must.

  9. As I walked out of zumba class this morning (what WAS I thinking? way too warm 🙂 ) our instructor, Jaki, who is as brown as a berry, said just the same thing. These days I always do, but I wasn’t so careful in my youth.

    • Exactly the same with me, Jo. In my youth we wore sun tan OIL. Hate to think what damage that did, but now I wear cream – Factor 25 at least – and even then I look for shade where possible, and often wear a hat (although that is mainly because the top of my head seems to go red very easily nowadays).
      Zumba?? In this heat?? That made me hot just to read it! 🙂

  10. Great to hear that you are finally having some lovely summer weather. As an Australian I am acutely aware of the sun and always wear sunscreen, no matter what the season or weather. Every time we travel to UK we are astounded by the number of people not wearing hats. It’s usually only Aussies with hats on anywhere we travel.

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