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weekly photo challenge: nostalgic


I think these photos have ‘nostalgic’ written all over them!  I can’t claim to have taken them myself as I am the young subject of them – they were taken by my father when we were on holiday in St Andrews, where we went for many years.  This was the summer of my 4th birthday.

I love these old photos because there is so much character in them. They show that we knew how to dress to go to the beach in those days – look at the man in the suit, with the pipe in his mouth!  My Gran and my Mum are smartly dressed too and I am wearing what every well dressed child wore to the beach – a cardigan over my swimming costume.  Behind us is the Step Rock pool where I learned to swim.  Actually, I learned to swim in the small pool, which is just behind the man in the suit, and moved into the big, deep pool when I could swim a few strokes.

girls on the beach

ice cream cone


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19 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

  1. LOVE the man with the pipe!

  2. Fantastic photos. The first one has so many life stories hidden in it.

  3. The cardigan is perfect!

  4. I don’t think I’ve seen a beach as busy over the past few years, Elaine… unless I’m now finding the more ‘select’ beaches… great photos by the way!

  5. LOVE the man in the suit- but knowing how cold that beach can be i can’t blame him! thanks for sharing- your post made me smile

  6. This is a great interpretation of the theme. I just love the man with the pipe; was he too hot or were your legs freezing? As for the second picture, you look like you knew your way round an ice cream, lass. 🙂

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