I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – heatwave



Phew!  It’s hot round here.  A heatwave was declared last week when the temperatures had been higher than average for five consecutive days.  It’s looking set to last for a bit longer.  I’m not complaining though – it’s nice to go out and not worry about whether I’ll need a jacket!

Happy Saturday everyone.

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28 thoughts on “six word saturday – heatwave

  1. 🙂 Hi Elaine — It is really nice here in London. One thing I wish for Londoneers is that they all could have air conditioning wherever they go inside.

    All of Texas is air conditioned, didn’t you find that?

  2. Yes, I have very much gathered that the northern hemisphere is doing that at present. Here, we freeze!

  3. Hope you will cool off soon. We’ve been lucky in the US South no extreme heat this summer: just lots of rain.

  4. We’ve had extreme temps here too…you are much more gracious about it than I am. I do not like heat. (But yet I do not like cold either.) Enjoy your warmth!

  5. It’s been very hot here, too. We spend most of our time indoors with the air-conditioning, but occasionally the kids convince me to take them out to the pool. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  6. You know that itsy little strip of north east coast that’s sitting under grey skies? Guess I can’t complain, though. I’d never catch up with the blog world otherwise. 🙂

  7. The heat here in New Jersey is positively OPRESSIVE. I can’t imagine not having AC. We run from the AC’d house to the AC’d car to AC’s shops…once the temps hit mid 80’s you’re never w/o it. But this week it hit triple digits. Felt like another planet!

  8. Gotta find the positive in everything! It is hot here, too, but with a breeze blowing, and when you are in the shade, it is not too bad.

  9. I love it! Keep the sunny days coming, I say!

  10. Happy Saturday Elaine… hope you’re keeping cool!

  11. Happy summer, now that it’s finally arrived. It’s quite mild here at the moment, but wintery temperatures are forecast for next week. I hope it’s still warm and summery in UK when we arrive in September.

  12. It’s funny, we’ve been hearing all about the fact that you too have been having a heat wave, we’ve been hearing about it because of the baby watch! 🙂

  13. Oh, I hadn’t thought of that! Those media photographers must be really struggling waiting outside the hospital – I think they might have been there for well over a week now.

  14. It’s so lovely to get home from holiday and have lovely weather here, too – actually being able to dry the clothes outside is so nice!

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