I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the hot weather edition


Dear Heatwave, You are still here!  It’s been great, and what is even better is that the recent rain and thunderstorms have cleared the air a bit and it is a lot less oppressive.  I hope you stay around a while longer.

Dear Housework, It’s been quite interesting to make your acquaintance again after so long, but I’m happy that I can say goodbye to you – for a little while at least.

Dear Pile of books by my bed, My plan to make serious headway with you during the last school break didn’t come to much, but I promise I will definitely try much harder this time.  You seem to have increased quite a bit (thanks to people saying “I’m having a clear out, so if you fancy any of these books please help yourself…” ), but I have high hopes.

Dear Stinging nettles, You know how to spoil an excellent walk, and geocache hunt, in the woods.  That was two days ago and my legs are still stinging!  *Note to self – do not walk through swathes of stinging nettles whilst wearing shorts.

Dear Garden, You are looking good despite the general lack of rain over the last few weeks – keep up the good work!

Dear Butterflies, Nice to see so many of you in my garden!

Happy Friday everyone!

English: Tractor ploughing in the July heatwave.

Tractor ploughing in the July heatwave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


7 thoughts on “Friday letters – the hot weather edition

  1. We’ve noticed lots of butterflies too! And not so many wasps this year 🙂 I wonder if there’s a connection.

  2. Dear Elaine, I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying everything about summer, except for stinging nettles.

  3. Dear Elaine, I enjoyed that. It made me realise that there are no stinging nettles where I live, too! Have a great summer break, and get reading those books in the garden in the middle of the butterflies!

  4. Yes – butterflies everywhere!

  5. Sorry to hear the heat wave is still hitting you. Thankfully ours broke a week ago. There hasn’t been rain, but the temperatures are so much better.
    I wonder if your lack of wasps is anything like our huge bee kill off – apparently we’ve been losing millions of bees over here because of pesticide use. 😦

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