I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

two songs for Thursday


Yesterday, on the third day of rain, thunder, lightning and hail (yes, hail the size of peas!) I thought this song was very appropriate.  Our waterproofs and umbrellas had come out, puddles had to be splashed through when crossing the road, and the grass had started to look green again.

Then this morning the sun was shining, the clouds had cleared away, the temperature was soaring and this song title came to mind.

Hope it’s more of a U2 day than a Winnie The Pooh day for you today.


7 thoughts on “two songs for Thursday

  1. We are into our last month of Winter and today it was 9 to 19 degrees, blue sky, no clouds and no breeze. Gorgeous! Definitely a U2 day.

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