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London calling


I was in London on Friday and on Saturday.  I only took a few photos from the two days …

First up is a blue cockerel I spotted in Trafalgar Square.  Nelson’s column is in the centre of the square, guarded by four huge bronze lions, and around the square there are, in addition to several statues,  four plinths.  Three of the four plinths have permanent bronze statues on them depicting various important personages from our history, but the fourth one doesn’t have a permanent sculpture/statue on it.  The Fourth Plinth, as it is known, is used to display specially commissioned work.  In recent years there has been a giant man’s head clamped in a large book which was held down by tree roots. a bronze boy on a rocking horse, a ship in a bottle and now, for the next 18 months, there is this…

trafalgar square blue cockerel

No, your eyes do not deceive you… it is a large blue cockerel

Here it is from a slightly better angle, one I couldn’t have managed, which shows the scale of it more effectively.

photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

Also in the square,we passed a street artist who was rather cleverly collecting donations from the passing tourists.  It is such a simple idea – and quite effective by the looks of it, as people tried to aim coins onto the flag of their country.

trafalgar square flags

Either the Italians are more generous, or more of them were visiting the square that day...

Either the Italians are more generous, or more of them were visiting the square that day…

On Saturday a group of us went to the London Dungeon.  I’d been there years, and years, ago when it was in its original form as a museum of macabre history, and was located in actual dungeons,  but now it has moved to new premises near the London Eye, in the old County Hall building,  and is more of an ‘experience’ where you are taken by actors through 1000 years of the grimmer aspects of London’s history – the plague, Sweeney Todd the barber, Jack the Ripper, the gallows at Newgate etc.  I didn’t take any photos for two reasons – one it was too dark most of the time to be able to see which buttons to press on the camera and the other that I was too busy being quite apprehensive about what was about to happen next!  It was very good, but not for the very young I would say, or the very claustrophobic.

After recoving outside from the traumas of the dungeon, we went to a fabulous restaurant called The Laughing Gravy  near Waterloo and Southwark stations.  It is quite small, with a very welcoming ambience and delicious food.  Apart from my cocktail I completely forgot to take any photos of my food, which is such a shame because it was beautifully presented.  Here is my rather delicious Pimm’s…





11 thoughts on “London calling

  1. We went to the dungeons about ten-twelve years ago. Creepy rather than scary, I thought.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend!

  2. Some parts were creepy but judging from the shrieks and screams from some members of the group, it sometimes went beyond that! It was the bits in the dark that were the worst, I think. I had a great weekend!

  3. Hi! I popped over via Caroline’s. That big blue chicken made me smile. 🙂 And love the flags.

  4. Justin Beaver would very much like to have his photo taken with that blue cockerel now that he has seen it here. And I’m thinking a visit to that restaurant would be nice too.

  5. I really like the blue cockerel – would rather like a smaller version in my garden!

  6. How come there were coins on the Scottish flag? I thought the Scots had short arms and deep pockets.

  7. I love this post, I hope to visit England sometime. And, now in addition to seeing the Queen’s castle, the Themes River, blah blah blah, I must see big blue bird! That is just the kind of random thing I love!

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