I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

coffee on the go


My mum and I were at one of my local supermarkets yesterday.  It has recently been refurbished/updated so we were making a bit of an outing of it to inspect the new improved look.  We decided we would start off with a coffee in the new cafe/bistro.  Our coffees came in very nice cups and saucers (forgot to take a photo, of course) but my mum remarked that there were also paper cups.  I explained that was so that you could buy a coffee and drink it as you walked round doing your shopping, because people don’t seem to be able to go far these days without clutching a cup of something.  She thought this would be a bit tricky – balancing your coffee, steering your trolley, selecting things from the shelves etc.  I jokingly remarked that probably the next thing would be supermarket trolleys with cup holders!

We finished up our coffee and, while my mum started browsing in the ‘artisan’ bread department, I went outside to collect a trolley ready for our trip round the store.  Guess what…

a supermarket trolley with a cup holder! photo © iusedtobeindecisive

a supermarket trolley with a cup holder!
photo © iusedtobeindecisive


12 thoughts on “coffee on the go

  1. I predict a future on Tomorrow’s World for you!

  2. Will it take a can of beer?

  3. How considerate of the supermarket, they’ve thought of everything.

  4. Anything to keep you in there longer to spend more!

  5. It’s true that we seem to be unable to function with a drink at our side any more. (They have those cup-holder things on trolleys in America.)

  6. I wish we had cup holders in our shopping carts (trolleys), that is an AWESOME idea, because yes, I always seem to have something in my hand. Mind you for me it’s usually water or tea.

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