I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

do you have a brain like Leonardo Da Vinci’s?


If you can draw a recognisable picture with one hand, whilst simultaneously writing a legible sentence with the other, then you might have the same type of brain as Da Vinci!

The Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Design for a Flying Machine

Design for a Flying Machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leonardo Da Vinci is often considered to be a genius and the greatest painter of his time.  However, he wasn’t just a painter – he made detailed anatomical drawings and he is credited with having ‘invented’ the helicopter, the tank, solar power, an adding machine and other things for which he made many drawings and diagrams with accompanying notes written in mirror writing. It is thought that his massive output of creative and scientific work was a result of him being capable of ‘whole brain’ thinking, meaning that the two hemispheres of his brain could work efficiently at the same time.  People who can draw and write at the same time, as Da Vinci could do, show evidence of this way of thinking.

I had a go at it and the results were not brilliant, but the drawing was recognisable and the writing was legible.  I’m not sure why, but my hands seemed to revert to very childish drawing and writing – completely different from how I would write normally!

Here’s my effort (actually my 3rd attempt because the first two were done in very light colours which didn’t photograph well) :

I don't think Da Vinci has anything to fear from me!

I don’t think Da Vinci’s reputation has anything to fear from me!

On the plus side though, I am quite good at mirror writing – perhaps Leonardo and I have something in common after all!

Have a try at this yourself – drawing and writing at the same time – and share your results with us.


4 thoughts on “do you have a brain like Leonardo Da Vinci’s?

  1. I had a wee go – I’m not sure I could really do it. I did produce a sentence and a picture, but I think maybe my pens were never moving actually simultaneously.
    I’ll maybe have another go.

  2. My writing is pretty illegible so I don’t hold out much hope, but I’ll try it and get back to you 🙂

  3. Ha ha, that’s actually really hard to do! My writing was fine but my attempted drawing of a cat looked like it had been squashed with a ten-ton weight!

  4. There was a brilliant exhibition in Brussels about the works of LDV. A group of craftsmen has used his drawings and plans and created many of his inventions and they were on display along with deatiled explanations. They were beautiful and so interesting. The exhibition is going to travel around the world and I highly recommend it if it comes to London.

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