I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – darker mornings



I know I’ll get used to them but I much prefer light mornings and evenings. 


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28 thoughts on “six word saturday – darker mornings

  1. I know how you feel… hate getting up in the dark!

  2. Getting up is so much easier when birds are calling out in the early sunlight, right?
    How do you like the darker evenings?

  3. Your days are getting shorter and ours are getting longer….not sure which I prefer. Ok…don’t really like driving to work in the dark.

  4. Horrible when you have to get up for work! Soon be “Fall back” 🙂

  5. I prefer the late evenings when it’s dark around 9. Getting dark at 5 p.m. is odd. lol

  6. I don’t mind the dark mornings, but I really miss the long evenings with lots of light. Guess I just miss summer in general!

  7. I know–soon I’ll be leaving for work in the dark…and coming home in the dark. I never look forward to that!

  8. Daylight savings is just around the corner. It will be lighter for a while.

  9. have a nice Saturday

    much love…

  10. You need to live for six months in England and six months in Australia and that way you could have the best of both worlds.

  11. Makes me just want to turn around and go back to bed. 🙂

  12. Every weekday morning I seem to be up with the sun. Soon, I will be beating the sunrise.

  13. yep me too! could we set our clocks back NOW?

  14. Elaine, Thanks for your comment re Musical Monday. I’ve replied and you’re spot on.

  15. I don’t mind the AM so much (being one who usually rises around 4 anyway), but driving home in the 5:30PM darkness is definitely getting me down.

  16. I love the changing seasons, including the dark mornings. But I don’t have to go out in them, of course 🙂

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