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some clever Hallowe’en pumpkins and turnips


What happened to plain and simple carved pumpkins and turnips?  When I was a child we made turnip (or swedes as they are known in England) lanterns, which took quite a bit of effort to make because the flesh of the turnip is very hard and not easy to remove.  We used to make a lantern, with a candle inside, which looked a bit like this –

photo credit: Paul Stainthorp

photo credit: Paul Stainthorp

The humble turnip has been usurped by the pumpkin and people make lanterns which tend to look a bit like this –

traditional carved pumpkin

However, the simple carved turnip or pumpkin now seems to have turned into an art form of its own with people making designs which are more and more amazing.

First here’s a collection of lovely turnip lanterns (which must have been really hard on the hands, scooping out all those centres) –

100s of turnip lanterns

Now for some amazing carved pumpkins –

carousel pumpkin

carved pumpkin with tree and house

photo credit: beckett gladney

photo credit: beckett gladney


lego men pumpkin carving

Do you still make pumpkin, or turnip, lanterns?

To finish, here is a corny Hallowe’en joke –

What do you call an overweight pumpkin?

A plumpkin!


9 thoughts on “some clever Hallowe’en pumpkins and turnips

  1. Definitely pumpkins! Turnips are just too much hard work to hollow out.

  2. Wow, those are some amazing carvings. I used to really be into doing this, when my kids were younger and I was a stay-at-home mom. Now, I don’t have time!

  3. Some of those pumpkins are works of art.

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