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my November challenge to myself – NaBloPoMo


Once again it is National Novel Writing Month and once again I will not be attempting to do it!  As I did last year, I am going to challenge myself to post something every day in the month of November, and take part in National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo).  It’s going to be A) hard to think of something to write every day and  B) hard to find the time to post every day, but then it’s not a challenge if it’s easy, is it?  I hope you’ll stick with me …

So, for the inaugural post of the challenge, I offer some November facts –

The 1st of November is All Saints’ Day.

From today there are now only 53 shopping days until Christmas (goodness, that makes it seem rather close!)

On the 21st of November 1783 man made his first flight in a hot air balloon.

The 30th of November is St Andrew’s Day – he is the patron saint of Scotland.

Scorpio and Saggitarius are the astrological signs for November.

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall came down, and East Germany opened its border with West Germany.

In November 1896 the speed limit for horseless carriages in Britain was raised from 4 m.p.h to 14 m.p.h.

In November 1969, the first colour tv advert was shown in the UK.  It was for Bird’s Eye frozen peas.

The artist Claude Monet was born in Paris on 14th November 1840

photo credit: wikipaintings

Claude Monet – The Japanese Bridge (The Water-Lily Pond) photo credit: wikipaintings

Some totally random facts, but you never know when they might be useful!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


2 thoughts on “my November challenge to myself – NaBloPoMo

  1. clever idea for a post. i might try something similar.

  2. Looking forward to reading a new post every day.

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