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…but now I'm not so sure

a wet and windy visit to Scotland


A trip to Scotland last week to visit family was, I hoped,  going to result in a lot of dramatic, picturesque photos of the rugged landscape, the bracken covered hills and the smooth waters of the lochs which I could use in my blog, but the harsh reality was that the weather was mainly miserable – very windy, or very wet, or sometimes both of those.  It was very disappointing, but not really unusual I suppose (it can rain for weeks without end) so why I was expecting beautiful sunshine I have no idea.  I only managed to take a few photos at the weekend, and I think they capture it very well.

a leaf on a rain covered window

This sums up the wet, autumn weather.

rainy view of the loch through a moving car window

A shot of the gloomy, misty, rainy loch as we drove along. It was such a shame, because it can look beautiful in the sunshine.

On Sunday, when it was time to travel home again the sun shone, of course.  There was no time to take photos of the countryside, so here are a couple of views of Glasgow airport.  The rainbow in the second picture proves that it was still raining somewhere!

Glasgow airport in the sunshine

rainbow at Glasgow airport


8 thoughts on “a wet and windy visit to Scotland

  1. Ah… the rain… yes…

  2. Scotland is fabulous, even in the rain. There’s something very nostalgic about your leaf photo – it reminds me of wet weekends as a child at home in Cornwall.

  3. I like the picture of the leaf stuck to the window!

  4. It’s so disappointing to encounter rain on a photography holiday! I still haven’t figured out how to hold an umbrella and focus a camera at the same time. I do love your leaf picture though, as well as your cloudy Glasgow Airport and your rainbow. All was not lost! 🙂

  5. That’s what raincoats are for…at least that’s what I tell myself when we are away and it rains. You still managed to get some lovely photos Elaine.

  6. Your ‘About’ made me smile. Rain … I do love rain anyplace. Reflections. Think reflections 🙂 but anyway, I love what you captured, specially the leaf on the window.

  7. Those are still great photos. Hope you had a great trip.

  8. I quite like the gloomy, misty, rainy loch, Elaine. Very dramatic and moody!

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