I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the autumn edition


Dear autumn, I love the vibrant colours of the leaves, but it seems such a shame that they seem to fall off the trees so quickly.  Couldn’t you arrange for them to hang on a bit longer?

Dear weather gods, Isn’t it about time that you had a rest from all this wind and rain – uprooting trees and flooding roads.  It must be exhausting.  Why not relax with a few days of calm, dry weather, bright sunshine and endless blue skies?  Come on, make an effort – you know you can do it!

Dear summer clothes, Goodbye until next year.

Dear half term break, Well, you sped by very quickly indeed.  One minute it was Friday afternoon with a whole week off stretching before me, and the next minute it was Sunday evening and time to think about work again.  I had a good week though, spending time with lots of different people, so I am not complaining.

Dear Supermarket, Stop tempting me with very reasonably priced recipe books!

have a beautiful autumn dear friends

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



11 thoughts on “Friday letters – the autumn edition

  1. Lovely! And lovely photo.

  2. I always wish the colourful leaves wouldn’t disappear so quickly, too. It seems like the nice part of autumn only lasts a week… then it’s dull, wet and cold.

  3. It won’t be long and you will have another holiday on its way. We are now halfway through the term.

  4. I am sat here with the window open, in short sleeves. It’s a very mild 8 degrees. Don’t put your summer clothes away just yet!

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