I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Guinness crisps*


I’ve posted previously about Haggis crisps and Christmas Pudding crisps, and thought they were possibly the strangest flavours I had seen, until I saw these ones –

Guinness crisps

I didn’t bother to buy the other strange flavours I saw, because I don’t like the actual foods that they are supposed to taste of, but I thought I’d give the Guinness ones a try, although really I am not that keen on Guinness itself.  The crisps are a rather strange unappetising greyish/brown colour but, in the interest of furthering my taste experiences, I tried one and I found that it did taste a little bit like Guinness, but after that first one the flavour became very nondescript.

guinness flavoured crisps

I ate a few more in the interest of research, and my conclusion is that they aren’t really very nice at all.  Mr Decisive, and a friend who was visiting at the time, agreed with me, so that’s three of us who won’t be buying them again.

Has anyone else tried them?

* It’s interesting that the packet actually calls them ‘chips’, not crisps. When did we start calling them that?  Burt’s is a British company!


20 thoughts on “Guinness crisps*

  1. When I saw the title of this post I thought Mr ET would be very excited, but maybe not after your negative report. I’m thinking he would still try them just to make sure. They really don’t look at all appetising and nothing like the photo on the packet. We call them chips here.

  2. it said “hand cooked with care”…but you didn’t care so much for the taste..lol

  3. One of the shops here had those durin British Isles week. I didn’t think mush of them either. They tasted vaguely of Guinness at first, but mostly they just left a weird, bitter taste in my mouth.

    The Haggis ones are ok. They taste a bit like beef crisps. Chrstmas pudding just sounds wrong though. Crisps are supposed to be savoury!

    • Your experience of the Guinness crisps and mine seems identical – I take it you won’t be trying them again either. 🙂 I might try a Haggis one if they taste like beef, but I’m not rushing out to buy them – maybe I’ll hope that someone else has them and I can try one.

  4. Ugh, they look horrible! I hate Guinness 😉 I’m a very bad Irish person!

  5. We call them chips here too…those LOOK dreadful.

  6. Has the British food industry lost its mind? I love Guinness, but I can’t imagine anyone reproducing the flavour on crisps. And as for Christmas Pudding chips…. Yeurrrch.

  7. I think I’d need to have tried a pint of guinness before being able to judge the crisps. But I figure I wouldn’t like guinness, so it’s be a waste of money.
    Maybe I’ll find a big irishman and ask for a wee sip of his pint.

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