I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – autumn edition 2


Dear autumn, I’m pleased that you paid a little attention to my letter to you last week and have decided to allow some trees to hang on to their beautiful leaves a little longer.  The view out of a window at work this week was beautiful.  I took a picture of it, but I don’t think I did it justice at all: the colours were fabulous, the sun was shining on them and the sky was clear blue (most of the time except, of course, when I remembered to take the photo!).

autumn trees in the sunshine

Dear cyclists, Please, please, please  wear light coloured clothes, and have decent lights on your bicycle, especially on these dark winter nights and mornings.  You are very difficult for drivers to see when when you have either no lights or very small/dim ones, and are dressed in dark trousers and jackets.

Dear mocha ice cream, You were too tempting not to try some yesterday at the Ideal Home Christmas Show, but I was very pleased with my restraint in only having one scoop!  Delicious.

Dear winter clothes, Watch out – I am coming for you!  It’s been pretty chilly here the last few mornings, so winter woollies are definitely on the agenda now.

Happy Friday everyone.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – autumn edition 2

  1. Dear trees outside my window, I wish you become more like these trees. I love autumn 🙂

  2. Blue skies?! I am so jealous. It’s been miserable and rainy here for weeks! It’s not raining today (yet!), but still too cloudy to see the sky…

  3. I love the fall and winter. So cozy when you’re either all bundled up or hunkered down by a fireplace. And that scoop of mocha ice cream: perfect in a cup of steaming coffee! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous tree photo! Here we have been having very hot days and massive storms every evening, some with large hail. It looks like we will have another storm tonight.

    • Those trees are stunning – I think the fact that they are so old, and tall, adds to the effect. Isn’t it odd to have hail when the weather is so hot? Somehow you would think it wouldn’t be possible.

      • No our Summer storms regularly have hail and sometimes it can be very large. We’ve been getting storms every afternoon for a week now due to an unusual weather occurrence where there are two troughs colliding right down the eastern coast, for 1000s of kilometres, and they are causing these storms. On Wednesday there was tennis ball sized hail in some parts of town, and my sister’s skylight now has five large holes in it. (Thank goodness for house insurance) And yesterday there were storms at the Gold Coast and down into New South Wales with golf ball sized hailstones. The nation’s panel beaters will be busy for a while with all the damaged cars. (I’m not nearly as knowledgeable with weather as this sounds, I’m just repeating what I heard on the news!)

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