I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

an evening of magic


The magic show we went to last night turned out to be the 42nd International Magic Variety and Gala Show.  I had no idea it was going to be such a ‘big’ event.  The audience was a mixture of magicians (amateur and professional) and non-magicians, and before the show there were lots of magicians in the foyer and bar doing various sleight of hand card tricks – very clever.  The main show had a selection of very clever manipulation, ‘mind reading’ and trick/stunt acts, all of whom are well known in the world of magic.

The acts were all amazing in their own way, and the hours of practise they must put in to make it all seem so completely effortless must be enormous.  It would be hard to pick one out as a favourite, but I had a quick look on YouTube and here are links to three of them.  The first is Mike Chao, from Taiwan, who performed on a dark stage, with a couple of lights shining down on him rather than the bright lights in this clip, which made it totally spell-binding.

This next clip is a brilliant quick change act called Sos and Victoria.  You just need to watch up to about 4 minutes to see what we saw last night.

Finally here’s Katrin, who did very clever things with sand and a light box.  This clip shows a little of what we saw.


2 thoughts on “an evening of magic

  1. Everyone was so clever – it was amazing.

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